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Adverb of Degree (List, 153 Examples & Worksheet)

An adverb of degree modifies the intensity of a verb, adjective or adverb. It is usually placed after the word it modifies. Some common adverbs of degree are: very, much, quite, a little, and barely.

For example:

She was quite tired after hiking all day.

Here word “quite” is the adverb of degree. It is modifying the verb “quite”.

What is Adverb of Degree?

An adverb of degree is a word that modifies an adjective or another adverb or a verb to show how much or to what extent something is true.

For example, the adverb “completely” might be used to modify the adjective “happy,” indicating that the person is very happy.

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Adverb of Degree List

  1. almost
  2. definitely
  3. absolutely
  4. barely
  5. completely
  6. deeply
  7. decidedly
  8. entirely
  9. enough
  10. enormously
  11. extremely
  12. fairly
  13. far
  14. fully
  15. greatly
  16. highly
  17. hardly
  18. indeed
  19. incredibly
  20. just
  21. least
  22. little
  23. less
  24. lots
  25. much
  26. most
  27. nearly
  28. perfectly
  29. practically
  30. purely
  31. quite
  32. really
  33. rather
  34. simply
  35. scarcely
  36. so
  37. somewhat
  38. strongly
  39. thoroughly
  40. totally
  41. very
  42. virtually
  43. utterly
Adverb of Degree List

Adverb of Degree Examples

  1. We were almost late for the movie.
  2. almost forgot my phone.
  3. She was almost done with her project.
  4. He walked almost all the way there.
  5. barely slept last night.
  6. I can barely see out of my left eye.
  7. barely ate breakfast this morning.
  8. I can barely walk because my leg hurts so much.
  9. barely survived the car crash, but I’m glad to be alive.
  10. completely forgot about our date tonight!
  11. He completely ignored me after I told him my feelings.
  12. She completely trusts her friends with all of her secrets.
  13. The room was completely dark until he turned on the light.
  14. We decidedly enjoyed our time in the city.
  15. The decision was decidedly not unanimous.
  16. He reacted decidedly better than I thought he would.
  17. It was decidedly colder than I expected it to be.
  18. She spoke decidedly more softly than she needed to.
  19. I was deeply affected by the death of my grandfather.
  20. The loss left me feeling deeply sad and lonely.
  21. Please give me enough time to finish my work.
  22. I can’t believe you ate enough for three people!
  23. She was enormously popular with the students.
  24. His work was enormously important to the company.
  25. The party was enormously fun!
  26. I felt enormously lucky to have been chosen.
  27. The increase in sales was enormously successful.
  28. entirely agree with you.
  29. That was an entirely different story.
  30. I don’t know what you’re talking about; it was entirely my fault.
  31. She looked entirely happy.
  32. He felt entirely responsible.
  33. I am extremely tired.
  34. It was extremely cold outside.
  35. That was a very dangerous thing to do.
  36. This test is extremely difficult.
  37. He talks tremendously fast.
  38. I think the new manager is relatively competent.
  39. The repairs were pretty expensive, but they were necessary.
  40. The situation is relatively complex, and I don’t think you understand it.
  41. I’m pretty sure that Tom is telling the truth.
  42. It’s been a reasonably long day,
  43. Far away from everything, I found peace.
  44. Far from perfect, but I loved her anyway.
  45. Far from what he wanted, he made the best of it.
  46. Far too soon, it was all over.
  47. I am fully recovered from my surgery.
  48. He was fully aware of the consequences.
  49. I am fully committed to this project.
  50. She was fully clothed under her coat.
  51. greatly appreciate your help.
  52. He immensely enjoyed the party.
  53. She greatly regretted her decision.
  54. greatly admire your courage.
  55. hardly ever get a chance to see my family.
  56. She hardly ever makes a mistake.
  57. highly suggest you try this recipe.
  58. Customers highly rate the company.
  59. highly doubt that he will come.
  60. That decision was highly controversial.
  61. She looked very beautiful that night.
  62. The experience was incredibly impressive.
  63. I felt incredibly happy when I woke up this morning.
  64. His performance was incredibly outstanding.
  65. Her voice was incredibly soothing to my ears.
  66. Every one of those sentences would be drastically different
  67. Indeed, the view from my balcony is breathtaking.
  68. Indeed, I am grateful for all that I have.
  69. Indeed, I will do my best to accomplish this task.
  70. Indeed, it was a beautiful day outside.
  71. Indeed, time flies by so quickly!
  72. I felt intensely happy when I won the lottery.
  73. just wanted to let you know that I’m leaving.
  74. Just give me a few minutes, and I’ll be back.
  75. I always try to be the least disruptive in class.
  76. He was the least cooperative of all the students.
  77. She was the least talkative person I had ever met.
  78. It was the least exciting party I had ever attended.
  79. I think this book is the least interesting that I
  80. I slept less than eight hours last night.
  81. I have a little bit of money left over.
  82. I only need a little help to finish this project.
  83. She’s just a little bit older than me.
  84. He’s only a little boy, but he’s fearless.
  85. He had lots of energy.
  86. I have lots of friends.
  87. She’s got lots of money.
  88. They make lots of noise
  89. I am most grateful for your help.
  90. That was the most delicious meal I’ve ever had.
  91. His injury was most unfortunate.
  92. It is the most beautiful room I’ve ever seen.
  93. She felt most welcome in their home.
  94. I need much more time to finish this project.
  95. I didn’t know much about the topic before the presentation.
  96. She loves spending time with her family, and they mean much to her.
  97. The new law will have much impact on our daily lives.
  98. Nearly everyone showed up at the party.
  99. nearly finished the project on time.
  100. The car was nearly totaled in the accident.
  101. She was nearly in tears after he broke up with her.
  102. He came within nearly touching distance of winning the race.
  103. I can’t believe she did it perfectly.
  104. He sings perfectly.
  105. She spoke perfectly.
  106. She smiled positively at me.
  107. He spoke positively about the new project.
  108. The news was greeted positively by most people.
  109. practically live in my pajamas.
  110. practically died of embarrassment.
  111. practically wet myself laughing.
  112. practically screamed when I saw the spider.
  113. practically fainted when I saw the snake.
  114. I play tennis purely for the love of the game and not to win.
  115. It was purely a coincidence that we ran into each other at the
  116. Quite honestly, I don’t care. 
  117. Quite simply, I am who I am. 
  118. Quite literally, it’s just who I am. 
  119. I’d rather stay in tonight than go out.
  120. rather like this shirt, it’s comfortable.
  121. She’s relatively quiet, but she has a lot to say.
  122. He’s rather famous now, but he didn’t start that way.
  123. I think you’re really smart for figuring that out.
  124. He could scarcely believe his eyes when she walked down the aisle.
  125. The room was scarcely big enough for the two of them.
  126. I could scarcely hear what she was saying over the noise of the party.
  127. simply cannot believe she would do that!
  128. It’s simply too dangerous to go out in this weather.
  129. It’s already so late!
  130. I can’t believe she would do something like that; it’s so unlike her.
  131. We’re going to be so late for the party if we don’t hurry up.
  132. The somewhat cold room was making me shiver.
  133. somewhat agree with you on that.
  134. It’s somewhat late, so we should head home now.
  135. I feel somewhat lost right now. Can you help me?
  136. The wind was strongly blowing, and I could feel the sand hitting my face.
  137. strongly believe in following your dreams.
  138. thoroughly enjoyed the concert.
  139. The detective thoroughly investigated the crime scene.
  140. The teacher thoroughly explained the concept.
  141. I need to clean this room thoroughly before my guests arrive.
  142. I am too tired to continue writing this content.
  143. The content is too long, and I’m running out of time.
  144. I can’t believe that he would do something like that; it’s too cruel.
  145. It’s too bad that she isn’t here to see this.
  146. Her performance was utterly terrible, and she was booed off the stage.
  147. I’m utterly exhausted after that run.
  148. This news is utterly shocking! I can’t believe
  149. She was very happy.
  150. Are you feeling very well?
  151. The weather is very hot today.
  152. The company is virtually debt-free.
  153. He was virtually unrecognizable after the accident.

Adverb of Degree Examples

  1. The hole is incredibly deep.
  2. She is very talented.
  3. It was almost midnight when we finally got home.
  4. I’m totally exhausted.
  5. That was a very good meal.
  6. Utterly amazing! I never thought it would be that good.
  7. She strongly disagrees with me on this issue.
  8. I’m feeling somewhat better now.
  9. The doctor thoroughly examined the patient.
  10. This is so exciting!
  11. It rained rather hard last.
  12. I really enjoy spending time with my family.
  13. She’s really excited to start her new job.
  14. She scarcely touched her dinner, and then excused herself from the table.
  15. Quite frankly, I don’t know.
Adverb of Degree WorksheetPin
Adverb of Degree Worksheet


  1. incredibly
  2. very
  3. almost
  4. totally
  5. very
  6. utterly
  7. strongly
  8. somewhat
  9. thoroughly
  10. so
  11. rather
  12. really
  13. really
  14. scarcely
  15. quite

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