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Hyperbole is a figure of speech where we exaggerate or overemphasize any definition. It is done for expressing something clearly and forcefully.


The river of blood, flooded in the battle field.

In this sentence, two much of blood on the battlefield exaggerated the situation or overemphasized by saying the consumption of much blood on the battlefield.

Hyperbole is derived from the Greek word, meaning ‘over-casting’. Hyperboles are not comparisons, like metaphors and similes, but exaggerate any statement.

We find hyperboles in daily speeches, prose, poetry, and also in literature. Hyperboles are good enough for perfect creative writing and communications.

Hyperbole Examples

  1. I could sleep for a year.
  2. I am so hungry I could eat a cow.
  3. I have a million books to read.
  4. This box weighs a ton.
  5. Nothing can bother him.
  6. The shopkeeper has a million pairs of socks in his shop.
  7. Hira is perfect in every way.
  8. Ali has a million works to do.
  9. I could listen to that song on repeat forever.
  10. I have told you a million times to help with the trainee.
  11. Nomi was thirsty enough to drink a river.
  12. The coordinator was so busy that he was rechecking to a million copies continuously.
  13. Alice’s grandfather is as old as the hills.
  14. My friend is as heavy as an elephant.
  15. A mathematician is trying to solve a million questions these days.

Hyperbole in Daily Use

Daily use examples become more humorous with the use of hyperbole. Here are some examples.

  1. My mother has a million things to do today.
  2. Mother has told me to clean the house a million times!
  3. He’s got tons of cash.
  4. His new house cost a million dollars.
  5. I am dying of shame.
  6. The teacher told her student not to repeat that mistake for thousand times.
  7. Her sister laughed to her, saying that her brain is the size of a pea.
  8. Sister has told me millions of times to help with her to complete the work.
Figurative Language: Hyperbole Definition and ExamplesPin
Figurative Language: Hyperbole Definition and Examples

Hyperbole in Advertising

If used properly, hyperbole knows how to courage clients to buy products. According to Mark A. Calister Ph.D. & Lesa A. Stern Ph.D.,

The Role of visual hyperbole in advertising effectiveness found that “hyperbole ads produce more and liking than non-hyperbolic ads.”

For example,

The best a man can get (Gillette)

We often use hyperbole in everyday speech, writers use hyperbole in song lyrics, prose, plays, and literature. Use of hyperbole in creating writing to make a description more creative.

Here are examples of hyperbole in daily speeches, songs, poetry and also in literature.

Why do Writers use Hyperbole?

  • Writers use hyperbole to make a point.
  • To add overemphasize in any definition.
  • To create a humorous effect.
  • To help reveal the theme of the text.

Purpose & Functions of Hyperbole

We use hyperbole in our daily speech or conversation to create a humorous and amusing effect or to overemphasize our meaning.

By using this writer or reader makes feelings remarkable. This tool is employed to capture the reader’s imagination.

In literature, we develop contrast by using hyperbole.

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