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Sentences with Profound (37 Examples)

37 example sentences using word “profound”.

Sentences with Profound

  1. This book contains profound knowledge that can guide you throughout your life.
  2. Many people have found success with profound dieting.
  3. If we live in a consumer-driven society, profound saving is impossible.
  4. The most profound speeches are often remembered.
  5. The writer’s tone in the opening paragraph was profound.
  6. She continued to study and research, as some of her classmates were on recess, likely doing nothing profound.
  7. That is a profound example of art at its best.
  8. Although we come from different backgrounds, we all have profound experiences in common.
  9. I believe that to understand a culture; one must experience it at its profound level.
  10. Her extensive travels abroad provided her with a profound sense of self.
  11. He lost almost everything, but he has the profound strength and energy to get back up again, so it is essential to cherish what he has left.
  12. This work requires profound dedication and commitment.
  13. This goal will require profound changes to your daily habits and routines.
  14. Conscious thoughts are what make a profound impact on my behavior.
  15. These issues have a profound influence on every aspect of our lives.
  16. His ability to play under pressure was a profound characteristic of his career performance.
  17. Having a solid team is the key to success. If you remain focused, you will achieve profound results.
  18. A thrilling adventure makes it easy to forget the profound insights we gain from the journey.
  19. The sincere feedback and criticism make every admin more profound.
  20. The profound sadness we felt after our beloved cat passed away.
  21. Never shall I forget her words of profound love and understanding.
  22. Her profound contributions to humanity should never be forgotten.
  23. The profound changes of the past few decades have affected us in many ways.
  24. The profound shift in values ultimately led to our change in attitude.
  25. We offer a range of services which is not just profound but also widespread.
  26. Today I will try to bring out my thoughts on some of the crucial issues that are undoubtedly profound.
  27. profound love affair is not easy to maintain.
  28. The questions were profound and quite specific on the matter.
  29. The memory of this profound moment will never be forgotten.
  30. There was no sound except for his profound breathing.
  31. It is a profound mistake to believe that the brain realizes all its functions by itself.
  32. There was a profound shift in how people behaved during the Victorian period.
  33. The photograph was a profound statement about the human experience of mortality.
  34. Profound changes need time to take hold.
  35. The profound success of the firm’s new site was evident from the surge of leads that followed its launch.
  36. There is no denying the profound disappointment following the local council’s decision to refuse planning permission for the proposed leisure center.
  37. It is a profound truth that we often fail to appreciate those closest to us.
Sentences with ProfoundPin
Sentences with Profound

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