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Distributive Pronouns (50 Example Sentences & Exercise)

A pronoun that describes whether things or persons are mentioned separately or collectively is called a distributive pronoun. It refers to some noun going before and also joins two sentences together. The commonly used Distributive Pronouns are “Each, Either, Neither, None, Any, Everyone”

Distributive pronouns are words used in order to groups related people or objects together into larger wholes.

Examples of Distributive Pronouns

  • Each of us could not play well.
  • Either of those students is at the top.
  • Neither of the two women is a good teacher.
  • She has none of the qualities needed to be a good employee.
  • Any girl can wear a skirt.
  • Everyone should be aware of safety rules.

50 Example Sentences

  1. Each of these students got a perfect grade.
  2. I paid $50 each for these shoes.
  3. Each of them brought their own notebook.
  4. He will make sure to show each student the ropes.
  5. Tom bought an iPhone 6 Plus in each color.
  6. This day each week is reserved for meeting with students individually.
  7. Each employee should be aware of their responsibilities.
  8. I can sense the anger in each of you.
  9. Each parent needs to know the reason why his work isn’t being done.
  10. Each one of us speaks our own truth and that will make a huge difference in the.
  11. The names were written on the paper using each alphabet.
  12. On each of the bells, there was a unique tone.
  13. Everyone had to choose an animal from each continent.
  14. Each year thousands of people gather in this place.
  15. Each person has their own opinion.
  16. It doesn’t matter if it is each year or each month.
  17. Either he likes to study or he doesn’t like to study.
  18. One of my friends either goes to the movies or plays video games every weekend.
  19. I can take either cold medicine or Tylenol while sick.
  20. Either my computer is infected with a virus or it isn’t.
  21. Either do it now or never do it again.
  22. Neither will disappear from your vocabulary.
  23. He liked either apples or oranges.
  24. Either the answer is right or I will fail.
  25. They ran out of milk, so they bought either oatmeal or juice.
  26. Their house is either on Jinglebell Way or Sprocket Lane.
  27. Either you stay inside and watch TV or we take a walk in the park.
  28. Neither of them goes to the gym.
  29. Neither of my brothers went to the party last night.
  30. Neither he nor I will come to your party next week.
  31. We’ll leave neither him nor me out! Or shall we?
  32. Neither he nor she could convince her father not to go on a diet ….. somehow?
  33. I don’t like whiskey. Neither do I drink wine.
  34. Neither of them was very smart.
  35. She hasn’t eaten for days, neither has she drank anything.
  36. He neither drinks alcohol nor does he smoke cigarettes.
  37. Those two are none of my friends.
  38. The teams are downhearted after none of their attacks found the target.
  39. It wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t your fault, and it certainly wasn’t his fault – there was none of us who could have done anything about it. 
  40. I had several objections to make but now that the opportunity has gone, there is none.
  41. Any person should be allowed to vote.
  42. Any government would be happy to share their toys.
  43. Why doesn’t any person jump at the opportunity?
  44. You can add any liquid to the salsa.
  45. Anyone can do it.
  46. I’ll make any pie you want.
  47. Has anyone seen my cat?
  48. Everyone wants to look their best at work.
  49. Not everyone is a capable leader.
  50. Everyone was following an established routine.
  51. It’s easy to achieve everyone’s goals when they are team players.
  52. Everyone enjoyed the party.
  53. Everyone was amazed at the scenery.
  54. Everyone is happy that she passed the test.
Distributive PronounsPin
Distributive Pronouns

Distributive Pronoun Exercise

Solve the exercise of distributive pronouns. Fill in the blanks by using the words “either”, “neither”, “any”, “everyone”, “none”.

  1. __________ he was sleeping or he was on Viber. (either / neither /any)
  2. __________ seemed to like the pizza place we went to. (neither / everyone / either)
  3. You can bring __________ food you want to dinner tonight. (neither / everyone / either)
  4. __________ is complaining about the cold weather lately. (neither / each / everyone)
  5. For __________ vegetable, there are benefits and disadvantages. (neither / each / everyone)
  6. __________ of them is a vegetarian. (neither / either / any)
  7. Do you want to come with me at __________ time? (neither / any / everyone)
  8. __________ person is responsible for their own actions. (neither / each / everyone)
  9. We have had enough of their bickering. __________ do we any more. (neither / each / everyone)
  10. __________ time is not going to be the same, depending on the situation. (neither / each / everyone)
  11. The candidate has __________ of the qualities we require. (none / each / everyone)
  12. __________ she came to school by bike or by bus. (neither / each / everyone)
  13. I see __________ person individually on Fridays. (neither / each / everyone)
  14. No one believed him __________ did I. (neither / each / everyone)
  15. __________ has an opinion on this issue. (neither / any / everyone)
  16. __________ thought brings an experience to life. (neither / each / everyone)
  17. __________ he nor I have always been there for them. (neither / each / everyone)
  18. __________ boy needs an individual approach. (neither / each / everyone)
  19. That book has __________ of the qualities of a bestseller. (neither / none / everyone)
  20. He __________ watches cartoons or reads comics as a hobby. (either / each / everyone)


  1. either
  2. everyone
  3. any
  4. everyone
  5. each
  6. neither
  7. any
  8. each
  9. neither
  10. each
  11. on
  12. either
  13. each
  14. neither
  15. everyone
  16. each
  17. neither
  18. each
  19. none
  20. either

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