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Sentences with Figurative Language

Every day we are using different figurative language or figures of speech regardless our of native tongues. It is a way of expressing one’s thoughts, emotions, or one’s self but does not use literal words to mean it. It colors and intensifies the meaning of our writing which makes an ordinary statement an exaggerated one. It is one way to engross your reader and help their minds become more creative and imaginative while reading your writings. Observe the sentences with figurative language shown below and you will notice word or phases that makes each statement meaningful.

In creative writings, figurative language is used to give beauty to writings such as poetry, essay, drama, etc… Indeed there is a lot of figurative language used in literary writing such as: 

  • Anaphora
  • Apostrophe
  • Euphemism
  • Hyperbole
  • Idioms
  • Irony
  • Metaphor
  • Metonymy
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Oxymoron
  • Paradox
  • Personification
  • Pun
  • Simile
  • Understatement

In this study, we will learn the most common figurative languages usually used in writings and literature. The following are:

  1. Simile
  2. Metaphor
  3. Hyperbole
  4. Personification 


this figure of speech compares one thing with another thing of a different kind, it usually uses the words, “as” and “like” to compare the two objects. 

Examples of Similes in a sentence

  1. When you reach your old age, you movement will be as slow as a slot.
  2. The City is as busy as a bee.
  3. This table is as old as a hills.
  4. This young kid are so naïve, they are as innocent as a lamb
  5. When she passed the Medicine exam, it is her mother who as proud as a peacock Your car can run as fast as a cheetah.
  6. Your voice sounds as cold as ice.
  7. Larisa’s height is as tall as a giraffe.
  8. She’s as sweet as sweet as sugar
  9. He lift that huge box. He really had a strength as strong as an ox.
  10.  The teacher’s instruction were as clear as a crystal.
  11.  Original Pearl’s values are as good as gold.
  12.  He was so hurt that he felt that his pain is as deep as the ocean.
  13.  She doesn’t sleep at night, she is as nocturnal as an owl.
  14.  She can swim like a fish.
  15.  Your words are as sharp as a knife.
  16.  He can climb the tree just like a monkey.


This is a figure of speech where two unrelated things were compared using a word or a phrase wherein its meaning is not meant to be interpreted literally but figuratively.

Example of Metaphor in a sentence

  1. The words he uttered to his friend, cuts deeper than a knife.
  2. I made a lot of mistakes in answering my exam. I sensed that the stench of failure coming on.
  3. When my mother died, I fell that I’m drowning in a ocean of grief. 
  4. I’m feeling blue today. 
  5. The bunch of problem that I have made feel I’m in a rollercoaster of emotions. 
  6. He wasn’t able to control his emotion, he really flare up in his temper. 
  7. He is an early birds that he is never late for work.
  8. The researchers were fishing for facts and information. 
  9. Her bubbly personality gave life to the party.
  10. The youngest child is always the apple of the eye. 
  11. Because of blizzard, no one dare to go outside their home. The home’s warmth blanketed everyone inside it.
  12. It’s raining cats and dogs, you have to stay here until it’s over.
  13. He communicates with a lot of icing in the cake.
  14. There’s a rainbow always after the rain.
  15. Death is a thief in the night, you’ll never know when it will come.
  16. In 1980’s, she is a shining star.
  17. He has a bravity of a lion.
  18. He is a ferocious dragon when he gets mad.
  19. Mom cried and her tears were river flowing down her cheeks.
  20. Every life is traveling in different high ways.


This figure of speech is an exaggerated statement but cannot be taken literally.

Example of Hyperbole in a sentence

  1. I will climb the highest mountain just to see you.
  2. Though he has this ton of money, unless he knows how to manage it, he will find himself empty.
  3. It will take a century to finish this project.
  4. I almost died of embarrassment with that experience I have.
  5. You are the best dad in the whole world.
  6. It will cost our life to buy that expensive jewelry.
  7. Your mom t told you a million times not to lie!
  8. I love you for a thousand years.
  9. I will follow the star, no matter how hopeless.
  10. Her parents are going to kill her if they knows that she failed this year.
  11. Forever is never enough for me to want you.
  12. This book is driving me crazy.


This figure of speech assigned the attribute of human characteristics to non-living things. 

Example of Personification in a sentence

  1. His guitar is his bestfriend.
  2. Those tall trees waiving their leaves and praising their creator.
  3. The sun smiled in the morning.
  4. He roared in anger that made her kids scared.
  5. Snowflakes kiss my cheeks away.
  6. These Daisies are dancing in the wind.
  7. The Chocolate are calling my name.
  8. My mobile phone makes me happy.
  9. This town never gets tired.
  10. The letter I received comforted my anxious heart.
  11. The heavy rain poured love on me.
  12. His piano is his listener when he’s in trouble.

Printable Examples:

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Sentences with Figurative Language Page 1
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Sentences with Figurative Language Page 2
Sentences with Figurative Language Page 3Pin
Sentences with Figurative Language Page 3
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Sentences with Figurative Language Page 4


Figurative language plays an important part in creative writing and in any English literature. It makes the writer’s opinion and ideas be brought to life and makes the reader receive the message of each writing also, with life. Each word is meaningful and aids the creative mind of the reader to understand the ideas or concepts the author wants to convey. 

I hope you have learned something from the examples of sentences with figurative language which presented a few of the common figurative languages used in writing.

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