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50 Sentences with Prepositional Phrases

A prepositional phrase is a group of words that has both a preposition and an object. A preposition usually takes an object. There are exceptions to this, but the general rule holds true. Here are some example sentences with prepositional phrases.

Sentences with Prepositional Phrases

  1. In spite of the downpour, it was a beautiful wedding ceremony.
  2. I went to the library in order to study.
  3. She stood in front of the door in order to hide. 
  4. That is a book about the war.
  5. In the afternoon, she took a walk through the neighborhood.
  6. At night, we went for dinner at a Thai restaurant.
  7. Angered by the news, Fred threw his fist through the nearest wall.
  8. She’s passionate about teaching children to play the guitar.
  9. We made our way to the bus stop at 4 a.m.
  10. When it comes to financial matters, you can never be too careful.
  11. The museum can be found near the train station.
  12. I have a table near the door.
  13. They sell lake house plans across the world.
  14. He has the key to her house.
  15. A restaurant is a perfect place to meet friends.
  16. The team hired a new coach after the season ended.
  17. The plane flies quickly through the clouds.
  18. A final way to make money at free events is to collect contact information for local businesses.
  19. Wrapped in a warm blanket, she settled on the sofa to watch her favorite movie.
  20. We identified a gap in the market, and it was big enough to make a profit.
  21. Large speakers may have stands that double as mounting brackets for the speaker.
  22. The board was unanimous in their decision.
  23. We use several strategies to stay ahead of our rivals.
  24. In a taxi, I tap my fingers on my knees.
  25. On a train, I am ready for the next stop.
  26. I try to relax and focus only on the red light.
  27. I noticed that the car was parked at the top of the hill.
  28. Exercise your mind with puzzles and reading in a foreign language; stay sharp and creative.
  29. You can use a pencil and piece of paper to chart out the area and then draw on a second larger edge of the paper where you want your hooks to go.
  30. Helen felt ill while she was at work.
  31. Do not make a joke of a serious matter.
  32. Pay attention to shipping times and dates when picking your company.
  33. Know if the item will be replaced in the event, it is late or damaged.
  34. The host invited all his best friends to join him in a charity poker tournament at the top of Duck Mountain.
  35. The client chose to expand the brand identity with a new logo.
  36. The designer produced a logo that embraced the client’s desires for minimalism and impact.
  37. The client was overwhelmed by the options on offer but knew the style of logo she required for her business.
  38. You can see more butterflies when there is a full moon in the sky.
  39. The car hadn’t been registered in my name for long.
  40. I decided to deal with the tickets and try again.
  41. I was born in the Republic of Georgia.
  42. I like to read poetry for fun in my free time.
  43. There are over a thousand languages spoken in the world today.
  44. Label your cables with colored twist ties.
  45. I will meet a client at Starbucks in a few minutes.
  46. I am going on holiday next weekend.
  47. We are all taking some time off of work in the summer.
  48. Layered clothing is best in the winter.
  49. I had coffee and a muffin at breakfast.
  50. I have a meeting with the president of my company in an hour, so chances are I’m going to be very busy.
Sentences with Prepositional PhrasesPin
Sentences with Prepositional Phrases

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