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Adjective of Quality (List, 35 Examples & Worksheet)

The adjective of quality describes a person or thing with positive or negative characteristics. This sense is much different from the adjectives that describe how we look.

The adjective of quality is a kind of word which is used for describing something referred as quality. It is used for describing or meaning a particular thing related with the quality.

It specifies the relative quality of a person, place or thing. This can have a lot of different meanings in different contexts.

List of Adjective of Quality

Here is a comprehensive list of 125 adjectives of quality.

  1. accomplished
  2. adorable
  3. adroit
  4. amiable
  5. amoral
  6. atrocious
  7. attractive
  8. awesome
  9. awful
  10. beautiful
  11. beneficial
  12. brilliant
  13. brutal
  14. catchy
  15. charming
  16. classy
  17. colossal
  18. comely
  19. commendable
  20. compact
  21. contorted
  22. cordial
  23. courteous
  24. crafty
  25. creative
  26. creepy
  27. delicious
  28. delightful
  29. disgraceful
  30. dishonest
  31. disloyal
  32. dreadful
  33. effective
  34. efficient
  35. elegant
  36. elfin
  37. enormous
  38. esteemed
  39. evil
  40. excellent
  41. exquisite
  42. exquisite
  43. extraordinary
  44. fabulous
  45. fantastic
  46. ferocious
  47. flavorful
  48. foul
  49. gallant
  50. gigantic
  51. gloomy
  52. golden
  53. gorgeous
  54. grotesque
  55. gruesome
  56. handsome
  57. harmonious
  58. harsh
  59. haughty
  60. heavenly
  61. hefty
  62. heinous
  63. hideous
  64. honest
  65. horrible
  66. huge
  67. immense
  68. incredible
  69. innocent
  70. innovative
  71. insignificant
  72. inventive
  73. kind
  74. knowledgeable
  75. large
  76. laudable
  77. licentious
  78. lovely
  79. luscious
  80. lustrous
  81. magnificent
  82. majestic
  83. mammoth
  84. marvelous
  85. massive
  86. melodious
  87. moral
  88. negligible
  89. noble
  90. novel
  91. numerous
  92. nutritious
  93. obedient
  94. obnoxious
  95. obscure
  96. outrageous
  97. outstanding
  98. personable
  99. petite
  100. pleasant
  101. proficient
  102. profitable
  103. pure
  104. remarkable
  105. respectable
  106. righteous
  107. shadowy
  108. significant
  109. sinister
  110. sizeable
  111. slight
  112. small
  113. spectacular
  114. splendid
  115. superb
  116. superior
  117. terrific
  118. unbelievable
  119. unpleasant
  120. unrighteous
  121. vast
  122. vibrant
  123. vivid
  124. well
  125. wonderful
Adjective of Quality ListPin
Adjective of Quality List

Adjective of Quality Examples (35 Sentences)

  1. Think of the cover letter as a business letter, which has a specific format, addressed to a named recipient, with clear and concise information.
  2. Conveying your gratitude by acknowledging any assistance your contacts have provided will give you “credibility” in the eyes of potential employers.
  3. The area had been damaged by large amounts of runoff.
  4. We use biodegradable and green products.
  5. The agency’s decision is hard to understand given that there is little evidence to support this claim, which is also unlikely to have been discovered by the agency in the near future.
  6. Barcelona’s vibrant music scene is well-known throughout Europe.
  7. Shady areas are right next to a small stream.
  8. It is widely known that inadequate lighting is a major cause of workplace injuries.
  9. These companies thrive on providing an inviting, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere to all of their customers.
  10. Using a small brush, apply the paint in a feathery motion to the lawn. Use short strokes for grass and longer ones for bushes and trees.
  11. Owning a compact car can increase your profit margin.
  12. We are a energetic team with small budgets but we can make magic happen because of our crazy inspirations.
  13. I assure you that we have invested great effort testing, polishing and releasing only the best products and services.
  14. Try smaller furniture pieces for a big impact.
  15. Business Management is about people. Every person within your company is a unique individual with his or her own set of skills and abilities that can either help or hinder the growth of the company.
  16. There are few things that you can do to make your employees feel secure.
  17. The large conference room is the most vibrant and shadiest area at the moment.
  18. The streets of New York ran with blood as Charles Manson, one of the worlds most dangerous killers was sentenced to life imprisonment for his attempt to overthrow the government.
  19. Verify important facts and details before passing them on to your colleagues.
  20. Show students where to look for evidence of good writing and analyze examples that illustrate the five components of academic writing.
  21. He is not a courteous person.
  22. I have vivid memories of that weekend in 2020 Sue and I were wonderful friends.
  23. The slight sound of a bell, the light turns on, flooding the room with light.
  24. Wonderful ways you can give back during this holiday season.
  25. Baking in a modern kitchen that is clean and bright is a great feeling.
  26. Slight changes in the balance of valuables in your room can create a vibrantly new look.
  27. Vivid colors are appealing, but look unsophisticated when they’re dominating your room.
  28. Valuable objects draw attention to themselves, and they can be a lovely focal point if you use them well.
  29. It’s important to remember that if you have some real treasures that you should display them.
  30. This is a splendid space, a central location surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and bars. It was the perfect setting for my last date.
  31. Each year there are dozens of amazing films that come out.
  32. But usually, because of marketing and advertising, we only hear about the big blockbusters.
  33. To help you get a more complete understanding of film we have prepared a list for you of the great films released this year.
  34. The successful leader must be knowledgeable, fair and clear, and have good self-control.
  35. All businesses rely on having strong leaders who are consistent.

Adjective of Quality Worksheet with Answers

Mention adjective of quality against each sentence.

  1. A great team manager motivates the team members to complete their jobs with minimal supervision. (great, minimal)
  2. A vast collection of business management information is available about the motivation of individuals. ( __________ )
  3. A splendid design can create a higher sales conversion rate for your product. ( __________ )
  4. A significant investment by a company should be looked upon as an essential part of business development. ( __________ )
  5. A pleasant contact with customers gives companies a competitive advantage. ( __________ )
  6. The writer would like to use their training and experience in a professional tone. ( __________ )
  7. Correct ratios are important. Incorrect use can lead to significant problems. ( __________ )
  8. The vast majority of companies are using social media to promote their business. ( __________ )
  9. The fort was constructed in the late 1700s and served both sides during the Civil War. It is truly a magnificent place to visit. ( __________ )
  10. Fierce competition can have drastic effects on small businesses. ( __________ )
Adjective of Quality WorksheetPin
Adjective of Quality Worksheet


  1. great, minimal
  2. vast
  3. splendid
  4. significant
  5. competitive
  6. professional
  7. significant
  8. vast
  9. magnificent
  10. fierce, small

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