Parts of Speech Posters (Free Printables)

Parts of speech posters are a great way to reinforce language arts skills in your classroom. Students can use these posters to help them identify the different parts of speech when they are writing or speaking.

Parts of Speech

Parts of speech are words that are used to convey meaning. They fall into eight categories: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.

1 – Nouns

A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. Nouns can be singular (car) or plural (cars) e.g. boy, man, girl, house, car, jug, park, etc.


  • The boy threw a ball into the lake.
  • She ate apples.
  • I drink many glasses of milk every day.
  • Jimmy went to the park.
  • Anna drove a car.
Free Parts of Speech Posters (Nouns)Pin
Free Parts of Speech Posters (Nouns)

2 – Pronouns

A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun. Pronouns are used in place of nouns. It’s used to avoid repeating a noun every time it appears in a sentence. Some pronouns are; he, she, they, me, I, them.


  • She is moving to Paris next month.
  • They are planning for a tour.
  • I take exercise daily.
  • Apples are good for you.
  • It is raining outside.
Free Parts of Speech Posters (Pronouns)Pin
Free Parts of Speech Posters (Pronouns)

3 – Verbs

A verb is a word that describes an action or occurrence. Verbs are used in all languages, and they are arguably the most important part of speech. Some verbs are playing, swimming, doing.


  • The kids are playing in the park.
  • The plane landed safely at the airport.
  • The moon appears in the sky at night.
  • It is a beautiful day outside. (verb to be)
  • We can swim in the lake.
Verbs: Free Parts of Speech PostersPin
Verbs: Free Parts of Speech Posters

4 – Adverbs

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, but they can also modify adjectives, other adverbs, or even entire clauses. Some adverbs are quickly, easily, accurately, softly, and happily.


  • She sang beautifully.
  • She ate apples eagerly.
  • Tom is answering the questions quickly.
  • He performed duty honestly.
  • Anna talks nervously.
Parts of Speech Posters (Adverbs)Pin
Parts of Speech Posters (Adverbs)

5 – Adjective

An adjective is a word that describes or modifies a noun or a pronoun. Adjectives are typically placed before the noun they are describing e.g. beautiful, large, big, short, new, old, busy, angry etc.


  • The school has a beautiful garden.
  • The short boy cannot jump very high.
  • Tom bought a white shirt.
  • I like the big houses with large yards.
  • The weather hot today.
Free Parts of Speech Posters (Adjectives)Pin
Free Parts of Speech Posters (Adjectives)

6 – Preposition

Prepositions are words that show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and another word in the sentence. Such as to, from, in, on, at, above, behind, etc.


  • He drives to work.
  • He was standing near his car.
  • She is happy about her promotion.
  • The boy was angry at the girl.
  • The dog is behind him.
Printable Parts of Speech Posters Free (Preposition)Pin
Printable Parts of Speech Posters Free (Preposition)

7 – Conjunction

A conjunction is a word or group of words that connects words, phrases and clauses. For example, and, or, yet, because, since, neither/nor, either/or.


  • I like apples, but I don’t like bananas.
  • He went to the market and bought some milk.
  • I love pizza because it is delicious.
  • I have a lot of work today, so I will not have time to play with you.
Free Parts of Speech Posters (Conjunction)Pin
Free Parts of Speech Posters (Conjunction)

8 – Interjection

Interjections are words, phrases or expressions that express a strong emotion and which cannot be classified as any other part of speech; e.g. wow, hurrah, yup, alas, ah, etc.


  • Wow! What a beautiful baby.
  • Oh no! I forgot my homework again!
  • Ah! I’m glad you’re home safe now.
  • Yes! I cried joyfully.
  • Ouch! That hurts!
Parts of Speech Posters Printables (Interjection)Pin
Parts of Speech Posters Printables (Interjection)

Do you want to download above posters in pdf format? Below is the link.

Download: Parts of Speech Posters pdf

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