Essay on Personality Development | Role of Education in Personality Development

essay on personality development

Essay on Personality Development Education is an important factor in the personality development of individuals. The school, after the home, is one of the social structures every child will pass through and one of its purposes is to build the character of that child. We shall be looking at some of the roles it plays … Read more

How do you describe adjectives? 13 Types of Adjectives with Examples

How do you describe adjectives

The words which tell something mere or describe or qualify a noun or a pronoun are called “the adjectives”. They may tell the quality or quantity of the noun or pronoun for which they are used. It is used before a noun and after linking verb. For example, beautiful, tall, wise, poor, fine, large etc. … Read more

Pronoun | What does pronoun mean? Different Types of Pronouns with 60+ Perfect Examples

What does pronoun mean

How to be more confident in your pronoun usage. It’s easy to get a little shy in the presence of people who know you so well. But it’s often unsettling when even you don’t know quite how to use your pronoun correctly in conversations. In this post, we’ll look at how you can become more … Read more

Nouns | What are 11 Types of Nouns? Explain with Examples | Useful Guide


What is a noun? Definition A noun is a word used as the name of a person, place, or thing as well as passion or thought. Noun belongs to the category of words, that may be singular or plural and referred to as quality, an entity, activity, or idea. First known use It was first … Read more

Past Perfect Continuous Tense with Examples, Formula, and Exercise

Past Perfect Continuous Tense with Examples

Past perfect continuous tense is also one of the forms of verb tenses. Today, we are going to discuss past perfect continuous with examples, formula, and exercises at the end. Definition The past perfect continuous tense is used to describe the action that was not completed by a certain date or time in the past. … Read more

Past Perfect Tense with Examples (30 Sentences), Formula & Rules

Past Perfect Tense with Examples

Past perfect tense perfect is often associated with time clauses and is commonly used in the reported speech. continuous tense definition, formula, its usage with examples and exercises at the end. Definition Past perfect tense describes action completed before the past-moment we are talking about. This tense bears the same relation to the past time … Read more

Past Continuous Tense Examples, Formula and Rules

Past continuous tense examples

Past Continuous (Progressive) Tense refers to ongoing actions in the past. If we want to talk about some past action that is completed while another is still going on, we use the Past Continuous for the longer unfinished action and the simple past for the shorter completed action. Definition Past continuous or past progressive tense … Read more

Simple Past Tense with Examples, Formula and Exercise

Simple past tense with examples

In simple past tense, we use the second form of the verb. The word “ago” is associated with this tense in the same way that “since” and “for” are with the present perfect. The word “ago” is a signal word for the simple past and points out to a date or period of time measured … Read more