Sentences with Formidable (85 Examples)Pin

Sentences with Formidable (85 Examples)

In this blog post, you will see 85 example sentences with formidable.

Sentences with Formidable

  1. He laughed with a voice that made her shiver with its formidable power.
  2. It was a formidable task, but he eventually managed it.
  3. The size of her debt is formidable.
  4. There was no way to cross the river at that point, as it was a formidable obstacle.
  5. A new football stadium of formidable proportions is under construction on the outskirts of the city.
  6. He developed a formidable reputation as a negotiator.
  7. Formerly a formidable rival on the track, he now coaches promising young athletes.
  8. A new study has revealed how formidable a task it is.
  9. Gordon Brown was once formidable enough to talk up his own abilities.
  10. Set in a formidable castle, the marathon event takes place on Halloween night.
  11. She was formidable once, but no longer.
  12. In this instance he found the task formidable and walked out in disgust.
  13. West Australians will need to be pretty formidable if they want to win in Melbourne.
  14. She awaited the formidable professor with trepidation.
  15. He faced a formidable opponent across the chess board.
  16. He knew that it would be a formidable task to complete on time.
  17. A challenge was presented to her formidable team.
  18. Her attitude could be described as formidable at times.
  19. The sea is still difficult and formidable to navigate for all but the best ships and captains.
  20. It was a formidable edifice to behold and she wondered how it had been.
  21. School is formidable when you are in 10th Grade.
  22. She found it formidable to learn German when she was in her teens.
  23. Writing a book is more formidable than writing a paragraph.
  24. He found the test formidable because he had to write two essay in German.
  25. The teacher looked formidable.
  26. The mountain pass proved too formidable obstacle.
  27. He turned out to be a formidable opponent.
  28. He admitted he was an `ice man’ in the kitchen at home, but said there were ways to counter that seemingly formidable handicap.
  29. The children looked up at the formidable building in awe.
  30. The idea of climbing Mount Everest still seems formidable to me.
  31. His injuries were so severe he seemed almost formidable.
  32. Which of the two brothers is most formidable?
  33. She has a formidable reputation for her ability to get the job done.
  34. Has your boss met Mike? Yes, he has a formidable reputation for his ability to make tough decisions.
  35. In order to successfully compete in the industrial marketplace, a company must have a formidable range of products and services available to serve its customers.
  36. I have a formidable task ahead of me.
  37. He said he would be going to the job interview with a formidable CV.
  38. It was a very formidable looking motorbike.
  39. Who wants to come and face this formidable gang?
  40. John is a formidable athlete.
  41. Apparently, he has a formidable reputation abroad.
  42. My mother is formidable, yet she manages to make you feel at ease.
  43. A formidable opponent, he was often victorious in chess tournaments held in our town.
  44. The general was a formidable human being, with little warmth or compassion up to now.
  45. That question was so formidable that no one could answer it!
  46. She looked at Simon with a formidable expression on her face.
  47. The dog was so big and formidable that Carol felt afraid of it.
  48. We are all impressed by David’s formidable memory skills.
  49. The formidable confidence of the lawyers convinced the jury of their case.
  50. She was a formidable tennis player.
  51. He discovered Oedipus’s formidable secret.
  52. He made a formidable adversary.
  53. He prepared a formidable cheese platter for the evening reception.
  54. After all, she had to deal with that pesky husband of hers, whose unbridled adoration and formidable devotion to his children were surely more than any mother could stand.
  55. The man eyed the dog warily, as the dog was a formidable creature.
  56. The enormous beast charged towards us snarling, we were filled with a sense of foreboding and anxiety as this was a formidable opponent.
  57. The crowd roared and people danced and sang as soon as the music began, they were a formidable celebration.
  58. I bought two new formidable cameras this year; however, I haven’t used either one of them.
  59. How formidable is your dog? I can’t even get near him.
  60. It is one of those formidable foes that you will never forget if you had the misfortune to face him on the battlefield.
  61. He was a formidable warrior and leader.
  62. The boss’s idea seemed very formidable at first
  63. These medieval weapons seem quite formidable to us now but they were useless against the dinosaurs’ armored skin.
  64. The task seemed very formidable at first but I worked through it and finished it all in 2 days.
  65. We were offered a formidable sum of money to do the job.
  66. She has made a formidable success of her company.
  67. He has overcome the most formidable obstacles.
  68. Once considered invincible, the army proved to be vulnerable and formidable enemy.
  69. Skeptics thought him impossible to defeat, yet he proved to be a formidable opponent in hostile territory.
  70. The weather turned into a formidable foe.
  71. The task turned into a formidable challenge.
  72. The competitors presented a formidable line up.
  73. It was a formidable mountain to climb.
  74. He is an imposing and formidable man.
  75. These was no formidable opponent.
  76. A challenge that is formidable needs to be overcome.
  77. He was determined to defeat the formidable obstacle in his way.
  78. We all know you need to be handed a challenging formidable task before you can really enjoy it.
  79. The king will give you a more formidable assignment on your birthday.
  80. This is only a sample level of this new online game, but it has been found to be quite a formidable challenge already!
  81. The ferocious bear is a formidable predator.
  82. A serious injury can be a formidable challenge to overcome.
  83. A teenager living in a big city has to be formidable when it comes to street smarts.
  84. Networking with other business people can be a formidable way for you to gain opportunities that you may not have been otherwise able to access.
  85. He has formidable sales experience.
Sentences with Formidable (85 Examples)Pin
Sentences with Formidable (85 Examples)

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