Example Sentences with Juxtapose in them (as verb)Pin

Sentences with Juxtapose in them (as a verb)

These are 31 example sentences with juxtapose (as a verb) in them.

Sentences with Juxtapose (as verb)

  1. My friend sent me a funny text that juxtaposed my Mum’s love of cats with her dislike of dogs.
  2. While studying abroad, I juxtaposed my experience of Rome, the city of Caesar, gladiator games and the Coliseum with my new friends who were frequenting local pizza joints and bars, living typical American college party lives.
  3. The disease is juxtaposed to the common cold.
  4. Mother nature juxtaposes images of destruction and rebirth.
  5. The orchestration projects a juxtapose of melodies and harmonies.
  6. The juxtapose of cheddar and crackers offers a perfect balance in taste and texture.
  7. If you’re going to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day, green socks are I juxtaposed the ideas in my head with the notes in my phone.
  8. She juxtaposed her feelings to a logical point of view.
  9. The author juxtaposed a traditional idea with a new concept.
  10. Jeremy listened intently juxtaposed to the chirping of the birds.
  11. The eagle swooped down on its prey juxtaposed with Gary’s cry of terror.
  12. Pedro’s gaze swept over the scenery with wonder juxtaposed against his shaking hands.
  13. He juxtaposed the naughty and nice list.
  14. His brother’s voice was kind and gentle as he juxtaposed their grief.
  15. She juxtaposed her words with a smile.
  16. Anger and sadness have been juxtaposed by joy and happiness.
  17. Pessimists juxtapose the bad things that happened in the past with good ones, such as marriage equality.
  18. She laughed juxtaposing my seriousness.
  19. She juxtaposed the bright red lipstick with an elegant pink scarf.
  20. The music teacher juxtaposed the bright red lipstick with the elegant pink scarf that matched her dress.
  21. The presenter kept juxtaposing old photographs with a slideshow of images from a modern war-torn city to emphasize the point.
  22. We juxtaposed his wet boots with a couple of oranges, and he laughed as he made a joke comparing them to his car!
  23. The film juxtaposes historical incidents with modern day problems.
  24. In juxtaposing the two, the writer brings out the similarities.
  25. The presentation juxtaposed the domestic situation in China during that time with today’s China
  26. In juxtaposing the two philosophers on this issue, I wish to show that there is a large gap.
  27. The theme of the party has been juxtaposed with its location.
  28. There was nothing inherently wrong with his research practices, but they had been juxtaposed with perceived unethical actions by doctors in the same department.
  29. She juxtaposed the two elements together.
  30. The song juxtaposes classical and heavy metal.
  31. The book juxtaposes the notion of functionalism and expressionism.

Sentences with Juxtaposition

  1. The juxtaposition of his behavior quickly provided the others with a picture of his character
  2. Mark’s juxtaposition of how he could be different was not welcomed by his leader
  3. As I watched, I was left to wonder what the juxtaposition of my teachers–who tried to teach that life is full of violence,
  4. The juxtaposition between his opinions and experience is particularly striking
  5. The juxtaposition of the two pictures draws attention to the original newspaper clipping
  6. We see this juxtaposition most strongly in their differences in social status
  7. It was a juxtaposition of images.
Sentences with Juxtapose in them (as verb)Pin
Sentences with Juxtapose in them (as verb)

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