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List of 80+ Collective Nouns for People

Collective Nouns for People

  1. An army of soldiers
  2. An ambush of widows
  3. A band of musicians
  4. A band of men
  5. A band coyotes
  6. A banner of knights
  7. A bench of judges
  8. A bevy of girls
  9. A bevy of writers
  10. A brigade of soldiers
  11. A blush of boys
  12. A billow of smokers
  13. A body of men
  14. A board of trustees
  15. A board of directors
  16. A battalion of soldiers
  17. A cast of actors
  18. A confag of doctors
  19. A community of people
  20. A community of friends
  21. A community of nations
  22. A congregation of people
  23. A choir of singers
  24. A circle of friends
  25. A class of students
  26. A clunch of wrestlers
  27. A crew of sailors
  28. A crowd of people
  29. A crowd of spectators
  30. A company of men
  31. A coven of witches
  32. A drift of lecturers
  33. A dynasty of kings
  34. A flock of tourists
  35. A gaggle of nuns
  36. A gaggle of tourusts
  37. A gaggle of saints
  38. A gaggle of friends
  39. A gang labourers
  40. A gang of soldiers
  41. A gang of prisoners
  42. A gang of robbers
  43. A gang of crooks
  44. A gang of slaves
  45. A glitter of generals
  46. A group of dancers
  47. A horde of savages
  48. A host of angels
  49. A house of senators
  50. A huddle of lawyers
  51. A line of rulers
  52. A mob of thieves
  53. A multiply of husbands
  54. An obeisance of servants
  55. A pack of thieves
  56. A panel of experts
  57. A panel of doctors
  58. A party of friends
  59. A patrol of policemen
  60. A ponder of philosophers
  61. A platoon of soldiers
  62. A pool of typists
  63. A regiment of soldiers
  64. A roll of drummers
  65. A staff of employees
  66. A set of mathematicians
  67. A school of clerks
  68. A scoop of journalists
  69. A slate of candidates
  70. A squad of soldiers
  71. A squad of players
  72. A stock of businessmen
  73. A stage of actors
  74. A syndicate of lenders
  75. A syndicate of underwriters
  76. A team of players
  77. A team of footballers
  78. A torment of trainers
  79. A troop of scouts
  80. A troupe of actors
  81. A troupe of dancers
  82. A troupe of acrobats
  83. A tribe of natives
  84. A troupe of artists

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