This That These Those Worksheet with AnswersPin

This That These Those Worksheet with Answers

This That These Those Worksheet with Answers

Choose the appropriate word from the given options.

  1. This is my book on the table.
  2. __________ house is an apple of discord between two friends. (This / These)
  3. He is a chip of an old block as his habits are very much like __________ of his father. (these / those).
  4. __________ was the last step of the project. (those, that)
  5. He is not one of __________ who stands by their friends. (that, those)
  6. __________ who come late will not be allowed to take the test. (these, those)
  7. __________ is going on for a long time. (these, this)
  8. __________ two points will be discussed in the meeting. (this, these)
  9. The more we do a thing, the more we tend to like doing it. __________ is called the force of habit. (this, these)
  10. What is that? __________ is a chair. (this, that)
  11. You have passed. __________ is really good news. (that, those)
  12. There are two colors of shirts. I think you should buy __________ one. (this, these)
  13. __________ are my two friends, Bob and Wilson. (that, these)
  14. __________ are the safety guidelines to follow. (this, these)
  15. I don’t like ___________ who are lazy. (these, those)

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  1. that
  2. this
  3. those
  4. that
  5. those
  6. those
  7. this
  8. these
  9. this
  10. that
  11. that
  12. this
  13. these
  14. these
  15. those

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