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What is a Correlative Conjunction? Example Sentences & Worksheet

What is a Correlative Conjunction?

A correlative conjunction is a word or phrase that connects two equal parts of a sentence. They are always used in pairs, and they always have the same meaning.

Here’s an example sentence of correlative conjunction: I can either stay here or go home. In this sentence, “either…or” is the correlative conjunction connecting the two parts of the sentence. It has the same meaning as “I can stay here or I can go home.”

Correlative Conjunction List

The most common correlative conjunctions are “either-or,” “neither-nor,” “not only-but also,” and “both-and”. See the list below.

  • as — as
  • as much — as
  • both — and
  • either — or
  • if — then
  • hardly — when
  • neither — nor
  • not only — but / but also
  • rather — than
  • such — that
  • scarcely — when
  • so — as
  • no sooner — than

Correlative Conjunction Rules / Usage

There are some simple rules to use correlative conjunctions in your writing correctly.

Correlative conjunctions work in pairs. If these are not in pairs, it is other type of conjunction.

Use a comma before the second correlative conjunction if second part of sentence is independent clause.

For example, Tina not only likes to eat apples, but she also likes to drink coffee.

Do not use comma, if the second part of the sentence is not independent clause.

For example, Tina not only likes to eat apples but also to drink coffee.

Correlative Conjunction Examples

  1. I can’t decide whether I want to go to the beach or stay home.
  2. We could either rent a car for the weekend or not visit my parents at all this year.
  3. You should check on your mother neither tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow because it is her birthday today!
  4. As much money as she earned at her old job, she spent it on her family.
  5. Steve cannot play football well he is neither a professional nor rich.
  6. Jeffery has not studied for the test he is neither diligent nor attentive.
  7. Neither the summer heat nor rain keeps them working.
  8. We can do it either after work or on the weekend.
  9. No sooner had I finished my coffee than it was time to go.
  10. Both the Dutch and French were given equal rights on the island.
  11. You should carry both identity and travel documents on you at all times.
  12. No sooner had we met than we quickly became friends.
  13. Students who neither have time to study nor socialize effectively will not succeed.
  14. If you want to take the perfect shot, then you’ll have to learn to control shutter speed.
  15. He no sooner started his speech than the rain began to fall.
  16. It will help ensure that your money lasts for as long as possible and that you don’t go into debt.
  17. As much as I wanted to go home, there was no way I could finish this project alone, both for the quality and for the deadline.
  18. No sooner had he walked through the door, than all eyes turned on him.

Correlative Conjunction Worksheet

  1. The bus driver had no sooner turned the corner, than he suddenly came to a screeching halt.
  2. No sooner had we arrived than we realized our mistake.
  3. Both sisters will be able to start planning their vacation and make sure that they have included all that is required for their big trip.
  4. As quickly as one policeman passes by, another arrives.
  5. His mother taught both him and his brother to avoid the dark and stick together.
  6. Both lawyers and accountants must be ethical.
  7. Both the chicken curry and grilled fish were good.
  8. Hardly had he sat down in his chair when the phone rang.
  9. Although he was an experienced firefighter, the fire was so intense that he could hardly tell what he was looking for.
  10. As much money as possible, the two were forced to live on.
  11. As financial advisers we need to act both swiftly and decisively to find ways of helping our clients relieve their anxiety about stocks and shares.
  12. Scarcely had I hit the snooze button than my phone rang loudly.
Correlative Conjunction WorksheetPin
Correlative Conjunction Worksheet

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