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20 Interesting Food Idioms and Their Meanings

Food idioms relate to food or eating. Many of the commonly used ones are based on the idea of using a particular food as a metaphor for something else.

Food Idioms with Meanings & Examples

Here is list of 20 food idioms with example sentences.

Sr.#Food IdiomMeaning
1In a pickleMeaning: Someone in a difficult situation
Example: If you’re ever in a pickle and looking for ideas, thesaurus, go to thesaurus.com.
2Best thing since sliced breadMeaning: The best thing since a particular time
Example: I would describe my new laptop as the best thing since sliced bread!
3A piece of cakeMeaning: something that is easy to do
Example: I should find this task an absolute piece of cake.
4That’s the icing on the cakeMeaning: that makes it even better or this means the conclusion or last step in something, giving it the touch up
Example: I’ve taken a nice cup of coffee – it’s really great icing on the cake.
5Fit for a king!Meaning: is used to say that the subject is something special.
Example: That meal was fit for a king!
6Easy as pieMeaning: Something that is easy to do.
Example: After I learned how to use the software, it was easy as pie.
7You can’t have your cake and eat it tooMeaning: You can’t have both things that you want, you must choose one or the other.
Example: I wanted to buy a new car and a new house, but I realized that I couldn’t have my cake and eat it too.
8I’m stuffed!Meaning: I’ve eaten too much!
Example: We just finished an enormous Thanksgiving dinner, and I’m stuffed!
9You are what you eatMeaning: The kind of food you eat affects your health and appearance.
Example: After eating nothing but junk food for a week, I realized that you are what you eat.
10Finger-licking good Meaning: Something tastes so good that you want to lick your fingers.
Example: This chicken is finger-licking good!
11I’m starving!Meaning: I’m very hungry!
Example: I didn’t have time for breakfast this morning, and now I’m starving.
12Put all your eggs in one basketMeaning: Put all your resources in a single opportunity.
Example: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
13You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggsMeaning: You can’t get something for nothing. It means that in order for you to make a successful business out of your project and ideas, you should put them into action and never stop trying to realize your goals.
Example: You have to work hard to complete this project; you cannot make omlette without breaking eggs.
14Bite off more than you can chewMeaning: to take on more than you can handle.
Example: Don’t bite off more than you can chew — ask for help if you need it.
15Couch PotatoMeaning: It is often used to describe anyone who is physically inactive. This includes both people who spend most of their time on the couch and those who watch a lot of television but are otherwise active.
Example: I’m not letting my son become a couch potato. I want him to get outside and play.
16Go bananasMeaning: If you go bananas, you are acting crazy or losing your temper. It is most often used when someone has gone crazy because of something they have seen or heard.
Example: She went bananas when she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her.
17Food for thoughtMeaning: Something that makes you think about something deeply.
Example: His remarks about the current state of the economy was food for thought.
18To eat a frogMeaning: To do something difficult but necessary first
19Apple pie orderMeaning: A pleasant and orderly state of affairs
20Chew the fatMeaning: social chit-chat, blabbing about unimportant things
Example: “We were just chewing the fat,” he said after he had been talking for hours about nothing in particular.
Food Idioms and Their Meanings

Food Idioms and Their Meanings & ExamplesPin
20 Food Idioms and Their Meanings & Examples

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