Common Nouns WorksheetPin

Common Nouns Worksheet

Common Nouns Worksheet

Find the common nouns in the given sentences and write them down against each sentence.

#SentencesCommon Noun
1He gathered about 700 books of various categories.books
2There were 27 colleges under the University of Cordova.
3I leaned against the large rock and looked down into the river.
4Who is the writer of this fantasy book?
5I live in a house near a beautiful lake.
6Tom went down the stairs to receive his parcel.
7Alan decided to get rid of useless items lying in his room?
8He is fond of collecting unique paintings.
9Look both ways before crossing the road.
10She went to a nearby park for a morning walk.
11Will you buy me a laptop for birthday?
12There is a long fence around the farm.
13The man in red hat is fixing the electric heater.
14The St. Louis Zoo has thee elephants and four giraffes.
15George is going to Paris for his vacation this year.
Common Nouns WorksheetPin
Common Nouns Worksheet

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