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Adverb of Manner (225 Example Sentences, List & Worksheet)

An adverb of manner tells us how something is done. It answers the question “how?”. Some common adverbs of manner are quickly, carefully, and loudly. When we want to describe how we did something, we use an adverb of manner.

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What is Adverb of Manner?

Adverb of manner is a word that modifies the verb and answers the question how?. It tells us how something is done. See the examples:

  • I quickly ran to catch the bus.
  • The dog angrily stared at the mailman.
  • She sang loudly in the shower.
  • He was walking happily down the street.
  • The meeting ended up being canceled, which was luckily for us because we weren’t prepared to present anything.

Accidentally is an adverb of manner that means unintentionally. See these examples

  • I accidentally spilled my coffee on the floor.
  • He bumped into me accidentally.
Adverb of Manner UsageExample
Adverb of manner can be placed before verb.He bravely fought off the attacker.
If there is a preposition before the object, adverb of manner is placed after the object of the verbThe woman looked at me angrily.
If there is no object of verb, adverb of manner is placed after the verbsShe sings beautifully.

Placement of adverb of manner can change the meaning the the sentence. Look at this example.

  • I foolishly thought I could fix the sink. (Here though is foolish)
  • I thought I could fix the sink foolishly. (Here fixing is foolish)

Adverb of Manner List

  1. accidentally
  2. anxiously
  3. awkwardly
  4. beautifully
  5. blindly
  6. bravely
  7. brightly
  8. boldly
  9. calmly
  10. carefully
  11. cheerfully
  12. clearly
  13. correctly
  14. cruelly
  15. daringly
  16. deliberately
  17. eagerly
  18. easily
  19. enormously
  20. equally
  21. eventually
  22. faithfully
  23. fatally
  24. fondly
  25. foolishly
  26. frankly
  27. frantically
  28. gently
  29. gladly
  30. greedily
  31. happily
  32. honestly
  33. hastily
  34. hungrily
  35. hurriedly
  36. inadequately
  37. innocently
  38. irritably
  39. joyously
  40. justly
  41. kindly
  42. lazily
  43. loosely
  44. loudly
  45. madly
  46. mortally
  47. mysteriously
  48. neatly
  49. nervously
  50. obediently
  51. openly
  52. painfully
  53. perfectly
  54. politely
  55. powerfully
  56. punctually
  57. quickly
  58. rapidly
  59. rarely
  60. recklessly
  61. regularly
  62. repeatedly
  63. reluctantly
  64. rightfully
  65. roughly
  66. sadly
  67. safely
  68. sensibly
  69. sharply
  70. slowly
  71. smoothly
  72. softly
  73. speedily
  74. sternly
  75. successfully
  76. suddenly
  77. swiftly
  78. tenderly
  79. thoughtfully
  80. truthfully
  81. unexpectedly
  82. victoriously
  83. violently
  84. warmly
  85. weakly
  86. wearily
  87. wisely
Adverb of Manner ListPin
Adverb of Manner List

Adverb of Manner Example Sentences

  1. I walked into the room, accidentally slamming the door shut behind me.
  2. Fumbling with my keys, I accidentally dropped them on the ground.
  3. She tripped over the cord to the lamp, accidentally knocking it over.
  4. He glared at me angrily and shouted, “Leave now!”
  5. I was anxiously waiting for my friend to arrive.
  6. The patient was anxiously tapping his foot.
  7. She looked around anxiously, as though she were expecting someone.
  8. She awkwardly shifted in her chair, trying to get comfortable.
  9. He awkwardly cleared his throat before beginning his speech.
  10. I badly need a new car.
  11. I badly want to go home.
  12. You are doing it very badly.
  13. I am blindly following your instructions.
  14. I am blindly trusting you.
  15. I am blindly going along with this.
  16. She bravely faced her fears and conquered them.
  17. The sun was brightly shining in the sky.
  18. She smiled brightly as she walked down the aisle.
  19. He looked at her with a brightly shining face.
  20. She sadly shook her head.
  21. I regretfully inform you that your application has been denied.
  22. He looked at me sadly.
  23. I was busily typing away on my computer.
  24. She was busily folding laundry.
  25. He was busily cleaning the kitchen.
  26. I calmly walked to the grocery store.
  27. She calmly read a book on the couch.
  28. He calmly played with his toy truck.
  29. I carefully put the book back on the shelf.
  30. She carefully stepped over the dog’s toys.
  31. He carefully put the toy truck down.
  32. I cheerfully sang in the shower.
  33. I carelessly dropped my phone on the ground.
  34. She carelessly stepped on the dog’s toy.
  35. He carelessly bumped into a chair.
  36. I cautiously stepped out into the street.
  37. She cautiously opened the door to the room.
  38. He cautiously approached the bear cubs.
  39. I cheerfully sang in the shower.
  40. She cheerfully danced around the room.
  41. He cheerfully played with his toy truck.
  42. I clearly saw the bird in the tree.
  43. She clearly heard the dog barking.
  44. He clearly understood what I said.
  45. I closely watched the bird in the tree.
  46. She closely followed the dog barking.
  47. He closely examined the bear cubs.
  48. I darkly imagined what he would say next.
  49. I correctly spelled the word ‘onomatopoeia’.
  50. She correctly answered the question.
  51. He correctly put the toy truck back together.
  52. I eagerly awaited his arrival.
  53. I courageously faced my fears.
  54. She courageously jumped off the diving board.
  55. He courageously went into the dark forest.
  56. I deeply loved spending time with her.
  57. She deeply regretted what she had done.
  58. He deeply cared about his family and friends.
  59. I directly asked him what he meant.
  60. She directly confronted him about his behavior.
  61. He directly addressed the issue at hand.
  62. I cruelly teased him about his accent.
  63. She cruelly laughed at his misfortune.
  64. He cruelly hurt the dog’s feelings.
  65. I easily solved the puzzle.
  66. She easily found the lost cat.
  67. He easily lifted the heavy box.
  68. I fluently spoke in front of the class.
  69. She fluently read from her notes.
  70. He fluently played the song on the guitar.
  71. I daringly climbed to the top of the tree.
  72. She daringly jumped out of the airplane.
  73. He daringly walked through the dark forest.
  74. I deliberately chose to wear my new dress.
  75. She deliberately stayed up all night studying.
  76. I doubtfully looked at the instructions.
  77. She doubtfully stepped through the door.
  78. I eagerly awaited his arrival.
  79. She eagerly listened to what he had to say.
  80. I elegantly dressed for the party.
  81. She elegantly walked down the aisle.
  82. I enormously enjoyed the party.
  83. She enormously appreciated the gift.
  84. I enthusiastically supported the team.
  85. She enthusiastically greeted her friends.
  86. I equally shared the candy with my friends.
  87. She equally distributed the toys among the children.
  88. I eventually finished the project.
  89. She eventually got a good night’s sleep.
  90. I exactly followed the recipe.
  91. She exactly knew the answer to the question.
  92. I faithfully took my medication every day.
  93. She faithfully kept her promise.
  94. She fatally stabbed him in the heart.
  95. I fatally wounded the deer with my arrow.
  96. I fought fiercely against the enemy.
  97. She furiously typed on her keyboard.
  98. They spoke passionately about their love
  99. I fondly remember the time we spent together.
  100. She ran into the street foolishly.
  101. I was, fortunately, able to finish my project on time.
  102. I frankly don’t care what you think.
  103. I was frantically typing away on my computer when I heard a knock at the door.
  104. I generously offered her a seat on the bus.
  105. The company generously gave her a year’s salary.
  106. I gently push the door open and tiptoe inside.
  107. I gladly accepted the offer.
  108. He gladly helped me carry the groceries.
  109. He gobbled up the cake greedily.
  110. She wolfed down the food greedily.
  111. I hastily grabbed my phone and keys before leaving the house.
  112. She hastily scribbled down the notes from the meeting.
  113. I try to eat healthily as much as possible.
  114. I honestly didn’t know what to expect.
  115. It was the best decision I ever made honestly.
  116. I feel inadequately prepared for this test.
  117. He spoke inadequately about his feelings.
  118. She ingeniously solved the Rubik’s Cube in less than 2 minutes.
  119. He ingeniously hacked into the school system
  120. I innocently asked if she wanted to go out for coffee.
  121. She innocently agreed and we went on our date
  122. I looked inquisitively at the clock, wondering why he was late.
  123. She looked at me inquisitively.
  124. I was irritably getting dressed for work when I heard a knock at the door.
  125. I was joyously dancing around my living room.
  126. She looked at me joyously.
  127. The party was joyously celebrating their victory.
  128. Justly, I distributed the candy equally to each child.
  129. The judge ruled justly in the defendant’s favor
  130. I lazily stretched my arms and legs before getting out of bed.
  131. We loosely interpreted the definition of the word.
  132. I’m going to loosely tie this ribbon around the present.
  133. I yelled loudly for help.
  134. She stomped her foot loudly in frustration.
  135. He whispered quietly to me
  136. I was madly in love with her.
  137. She spoke madly about her day.
  138. I nearly died when I saw the snake.
  139. The injury was mortally wounding.
  140. The mysteriously cold room was unsettling.
  141. I saw neatly arranged flowers in the vase.
  142. There were neatly folded clothes in the drawer.
  143. I was nervously tapping my foot against the ground.
  144. She nervously played with her hair.
  145. I was trying to work quietly, but he was making so much noise.
  146. I complied with the request obediently.
  147. She followed his orders obediently.
  148. I openly admit that I was wrong.
  149. She openly shared her feelings.
  150. I feel poorly today, so I’m going to stay home from work.
  151. The patient’s health is declining rapidly.
  152. She powerfully closed the door.
  153. He powerfully kicked the ball.
  154. The wind was powerfully blowing.
  155. The cat promptly chased the mouse.
  156. She promptly responded to my email.
  157. He was promptly arrested by the police.
  158. I always arrive punctually for my appointments.
  159. She always arrives punctually for her appointments.
  160. I quickly grabbed the remote before he could.
  161. We need to quickly finish up so we can go home.
  162. I need to work quietly so I can focus.
  163. She rapidly typed the letter.
  164. The rabbit rapidly ran across the field.
  165. I rapidly drank the water.
  166. I rarely see that movie.
  167. I really like this shirt.
  168. She really needs to calm down.
  169. It’s really starting to rain.
  170. I am going to drive recklessly through the streets.
  171. I brush my teeth regularly.
  172. I go to bed on time regularly.
  173. I reluctantly agreed to go to the party.
  174. She reluctantly gave me the information.
  175. I reluctantly took the job.
  176. She rightfully deserves the award.
  177. He was acting rightfully.
  178. It is rightly your turn.
  179. I roughly estimate that there are about a hundred people here.
  180. The storm is expected to hit the area roughly around 9 pm.
  181. I was rudely awakened by the sound of my alarm clock.
  182. I sadly cannot attend the party.
  183. I selfishly didn’t share my toys with my brother.
  184. Seriously, I can’t believe he just did that.
  185. I need to speak to you sharply about your behavior.
  186. She shyly asked him to dance.
  187. He shyly accepted her request.
  188. They danced shyly together
  189. I silently closed the door.
  190. You must silently creep up on your prey.
  191. I move slowly through the days, not wanting to upset the delicate balance.
  192. I smoothly transitioned into my new role.
  193. I whispered softly to her, “I like your gift.”
  194. I solemnly swear to always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
  195. I need to speedily finish this project so I can go home.
  196. Harry crept stealthily around the corner, his heart racing as he prepared to take down the enemy.
  197. I asked him to stop, but he continued to work sternly.
  198. I feel stupidly happy today.
  199. He acted stupidly in front of her.
  200. I successfully completed the project on time.
  201. The cat suddenly darted out from under the bed.
  202. It happened suddenly and without warning.
  203. The detective looked at the suspect suspiciously.
  204. He acted suspiciously when questioned by the police.
  205. I moved swiftly through the crowd.
  206. The cat darted swiftly across the room.
  207. He walked swiftly to the door.
  208. She touched his cheek tenderly.
  209. The nurse spoke to the patient tenderly.
  210. I tensely waited for the results.
  211. He nervously looked around the room.
  212. I thoughtfully considered my options before making a decision.
  213. She thoughtfully placed the book back on the shelf.
  214. He was tightly bound to the chair.
  215. He truthfully answered all of the questions.
  216. She violently shook the can of paint before opening it.
  217. The party was vivaciously alive with music and people.
  218. Her voice sounded weakly over the phone.
  219. He moved weakly across the room.
  220. I feel so wearily after working all day.
  221. She looked at him wearily, expecting an answer.
  222. He wildly threw the ball across the field.
  223. I wildly laughed at the silly joke.
  224. I wisely chose not to wear a white shirt today.
  225. She spoke wisely about the situation.

Adverb of Manner Worksheets

  1. The audience watched the band play wearily.
  2. She wildly danced around the room.
  3. He silently entered the room.
  4. I am slowly learning to live again.
  5. He violently hit the punching bag, working out his anger.
  6. I danced vivaciously across the room.
  7. She acted recklessly and now she is in trouble.
  8. I eat breakfast regularly.
  9. He openly discussed his concerns.
  10. The new employee is doing perfectly in her role.
  11. The guests were politely asked to leave.
  12. She gladly gave me a book.
  13. I ate the bacon greedily.
  14. He selfishly took the last piece of cake.
  15. I rapidly drank the water.
Adverb of Manner WorksheetPin
Adverb of Manner Worksheet


  1. wearily
  2. wildly
  3. silently
  4. slowly
  5. violently
  6. vivaciously
  7. recklessly
  8. regularly
  9. openly
  10. perfectly
  11. politely
  12. gladly
  13. greedily
  14. selfishly
  15. rapidly

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