8 Free New Year WorksheetsPin

8 Cool New Year Worksheets 2023

Time to dust off your old planners and workbooks from last year. Happy New Year Worksheets will keep you organized for the coming events and this year’s memories!

You can download the free printable PDF file at the end that contains eight pages of worksheets.   

New Year Worksheets

New Year’s Eve can be a time filled with magic and wonder. It can also be an exercise in scribbling lists. For those who love both, these worksheets are sure to please! 

Write down your best moments from this year on the below worksheet.

my best moments new year worksheetPin
my best moments new year worksheet

End of year reflection worksheet. Who was your teacher? What were your grades and the names of friends you made this year?

new year worksheet for school kidsPin
new year worksheet for school kids

Acrostic poetry is easy! By using this worksheet, brainstorm the words or phrases that rhyme and align with the topic.

new year acrostic worksheetPin
new year acrostic worksheet

Write about yourself on this worksheet.

New Year worksheet (about me)Pin
New Year worksheet (about me)

Note down some important memories of the year.

happy new year worksheet memoriesPin
happy new year worksheet memories

What are your five most important new year resolutions?

happy new year resolutionPin
happy new year resolution

Do you have smart goals to achieve in the new year?

New Year WorksheetsPin
New Year Worksheets

Goal setting is an important part at the start of the new year.

New Year WorksheetPin
New Year Worksheet

Download New Year Worksheet pdf (Print Quality)

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