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Indefinite Adjectives (Examples, List & Exercise)

Indefinite Adjectives

An indefinite adjective is an adjective that does not specify how many things are being referred to. For example, the word “some” is an indefinite adjective, because it does not say how many things are being referred to.

An indefinite adjective precedes a noun or pronoun and modifies it.

For example:

  • Few people know about the existence of the underground city.
  • Some students think that learning a foreign language is pointless.

In first sentence, “few” is an indefinite adjective as it modifies the noun “people”. In the second sentence, “some”

Indefinite Adjectives Examples

Let’s see some more example sentences.

  1. Many people believe in the existence of ghosts.
  2. All the students passed the test.
  3. Some people believe in ghosts.
  4. Few people believe in the existence of ghosts.
  5. Several employees attended the meeting.
  6. All the students are required to attend the meeting.
  7. Few people know about the hidden cave.
  8. Some of the cookies have already been eaten.
  9. Everybody in this room is a genius.
  10. Both of my parents are teachers.
  11. Neither of them wanted to go to park.
  12. Both of them were exhausted after doing office work.
  13. Either Tom or Jon is going to the party.
  14. I don’t know what I want for dinner, either pizza or Chinese food.
  15. Both friends were there when it happened.

Indefinite Adjectives List

Here is the list of most commonly used indefinite adjectives.

  1. All
  2. Many
  3. Another
  4. Some
  5. Few
  6. Everyone
  7. Several
  8. Any
  9. Both
  10. Each
  11. Either
  12. Neither
  13. Enough
  14. Sufficient
  15. Much
  16. Nobody
  17. Somebody
  18. Everybody

Indefinite Adjectives Vs Indefinite Pronouns

You may have used the words “some”, “few”, “several”, etc. while reading indefinite pronouns but there is a difference between them.

Indefinite adjectives do not give specific information regarding a noun while indefinite pronouns are used in place of noun. Both are not specific.


  • There is some food in refrigerator. (here “some” is indefinite adjective)
  • There is no food in the refrigerator. Give me some, please. (here “some” is used as indefinite pronoun)

Indefinite Adjectives Exercise

Identify the indefinite adjectives in the following sentences.

  1. Either friends or family are welcome to come. (Either)
  2. Some food would be great, thanks! ( __________ )
  3. Both Jack and Jon were there, so it was fun. ( __________ )
  4. Neither of them wanted to go. ( __________ )
  5. Everybody is invited to the party. ( __________ )
  6. Few people know about the secret garden. ( __________ )
  7. Some flowers are starting to bloom. ( __________ )
  8. All the trees are budding. ( __________ )
  9. Everyone needs a little love. ( __________ )
  10. Thank you for your few words of encouragement. ( __________ )
  11. I appreciate your some words of encouragement. ( __________ )
  12. Can I ask for another favor? ( __________ )


  1. Either
  2. Some
  3. Both
  4. Neither
  5. Everybody
  6. Few
  7. Some
  8. All
  9. Everyone
  10. few
  11. some
  12. another

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Indefinite Adjective Examples and List

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