Onomatopoeia Example Sentences

Onomatopoeia Example Sentences (Words List a-z)

Onomatopoeia is a word that describes the sound of something. Some common examples include boom, hiss, and moo! In this post, you will find example sentences and list of word a-z.

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In English, onomatopoeias are usually words that imitate the actual noise made by whatever they describe. Onomatopoeia can be found in languages all over the world, from Japanese to French to Swahili.

It’s not just a form of expression — it also helps people convey what things sound like without having to use any words for it.

Onomatopoeia Sentences

  1. Thwack! ”The cane landed on Billy’s bare bottom.”
  2. Thump, thump! ”They watched the raindrops hitting the ground.”
  3. Plink plink plink  plink! “The water dripped into the bucket.”
  4. ‘Tumbleweed’ a gust of wind streamed across the desert.
  5. “Pull! pull!” the person shouted.
  6. Gulp! Gulp! “Went the fish on his plate.”
  7. “Bang!” goes the gun on the door.
  8. They heard a loud boom.
  9. Swish-swish went the whips of the jockeys.
  10. Thwack–thwack–thwack went the shoes of the children on the pavement.
  11. Ping Ping! the girl made a ping pong.
  12. Biff bam! thank you mam.
  13. Clip Clop went the horse.
  14. Crick crack the bone broke.
  15. Snap Snap the fingers snapped.
  16. Pop Pop! The bubbles popped.
  17. Squeak Squeak the mouse ran under the bed skirt.
  18. Thud Thud! the door knocked on his head.
  19. A dog howled in the alleyway as I walked home from work.
  20. When I saw my brother’s new car , I clapped my hands and cheered so loudly that my neighbors rang to complain.
  21. When I poured boiling water into her mug, the liquid hissed loudly as it escaped from the metal spout.
  22. “Kaboom!” he shouted.
  23. He slammed the door so hard, the bang echoed through the building.
  24. My dog growled maliciously at the neighbor who had just given him a cookie.
  25. The girls voice cracked as she tried to use it for speech.

Onomatopoeia Example Sentences
Onomatopoeia Example Sentences

Onomatopoeia Words List a-z

Do you know that there are some words that sound like the sounds they represent? These types of words are called onomatopoeia. Here is the list of these types of words. The word “buzz” is an onomatopoeia for a buzzing noise, just as “grrr” is an onomatopoeia for someone growling or making a snarling sound. See the list of words from a-z.

  1. Achoo
  2. Ahem
  3. Ahhh
  4. Bang
  5. Beep
  6. Bizz
  7. Blurt  
  8. Boing
  9. Boom
  10. Buzz
  11. Chomp
  12. Clank
  13. Clink
  14. Cluck
  15. Cough
  16. Crash
  17. Crinkle
  18. Crunch
  19. Cuckoo
  20. Drip
  21. Drizzle
  22. Eek
  23. Fizz
  24. Flutter
  25. Giggle
  26. Growl
  27. Grunt
  28. Gurgle
  29. Hiss
  30. Honk
  31. Honk
  32. Howl
  33. Moo
  34. Murmur
  35. Ping-pong
  36. Plink
  37. Plop
  38. Poof
  39. Pop
  40. Quack
  41. Rattle
  42. Ribbit
  43. Roar
  44. Screech
  45. Shriek
  46. Shush
  47. Sizzle
  48. Slosh
  49. Smash
  50. Snap
  51. Sniff
  52. Splash
  53. Splat
  54. Squawk
  55. Squish
  56. Swoosh
  57. Thud
  58. Tic-toc
  59. Tweet
  60. Vroom
  61. Wham
  62. Whirr
  63. Whiz
  64. Wobble
  65. Woof
  66. Wow
  67. Zap

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