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15 Interesting Idioms Related to Cats with Meanings

Idioms are expressions that don’t mean what they say literally but rather convey a figurative meaning through wordplay or imagery. Here are some examples of idioms related to cats.

Idioms Related to Cats

Cat lovers are often obsessed with their pets. They may look at them as if they were human beings and speak to them as if they were children. Cat lovers like to use cat idioms in their everyday speech.

Sr#Idioms with CatsMeaning
 1A cat in gloves catches no miceThe implication is that a person with a cautious nature will not be able to take advantage of opportunities or chances.
 2A cat may look at a king.This is used as an excuse for treating someone with less respect than they deserve. The meaning is that everyone has human feelings, even if they are rich and powerful.
 3All cats are gray in the darkPeople can be less obvious when they cannot be seen clearly or when they cannot see clearly.
 4To cat sitto watch a cat while the owner is away
 5Cat fighta fight between two women or girls
 6A cat’s whiskersvery good, excellent
 7Like a cat on a hot tin roof
Very nervous and anxious (from Tennessee Williams play)
 8Cats have nine livesThis phrase means that something has been lucky enough to survive many dangers or near-misses with death
 9Cat napA short sleep taken during the day, usually when one is supposed to be working.
 10To let the cat out of the bagto reveal a secret or surprise too early
 11it’s raining cats and dogsit’s raining very heavily
 12Cat got your tongueThis is an idiom used to say that someone is not saying what they really think, or that they are, being too quiet.
 13There is more than one way to skin a catThere is more than one way to do something.
 14CattyMean and spiteful
 15When the cat’s away, the mice will play.When people do something they wouldn’t normally do when someone important isn’t around.
Idioms with Cats and their meaningsPin
Idioms Related to Cats

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