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Free Printable Adverb Chart (Anchor Chart)

Use this free printable adverb chart to visually break down adverbs into 11 categories. This anchor chart will provide you a quick overview of adverbs.

What are adverbs?

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.

Adverbs often modify verbs. For example: “He ran quickly.” The adverb quickly tells us how he ran.

This table will show you a quick summary of 11 types of adverbs.

Adverb TypeDefinitionWordsExamples
Adverb of MannerDescribes how something happens.loudly, badly, rightly, quickly, slowlyShe walked slowly.
Adverb of PlaceIt shows the place of action.inside, downstairs, outside, towards, upHe climbed up the tree.
Adverb of TimeIt shows tells the time of action.since, today, presently, now, tomorrow.I will meet you tomorrow.
Adverb of CertaintyIt describes how certain we feel about an action.definitely, surely, probably, certainlyHe may probably meet you.
Adverb of DegreeIt describes to what extent action took place.enough, too, hardly, quiteDo you have enough time to complete the assignment?
Interrogative AdverbThese are used to ask something in a sentence.when, where, why, howWhere are you going?
Relative AdverbRelative adverb adds meaning to a verb or another adverbhow, when, whyTom did not tell me when he would come.
Adverb of NumberUsed to express the numbers in response to questionsonce, often, again, twiceI read this book twice.
Adverb of QuantityUsed to show the quantity in response to questionsvery, too, little, muchI have little time to spend with nature.
Adverb of PurposeUsed to elaborate the situationto avoid accident, to get backHe drove cautiously to avoid the accident.
Adverb of FrequencyIt shows the frequency of piece of workagain, frequently, once, neverHe often goes to the cinema.
Adverbs Table

Printable Adverb Chart

Free Printable Adverb ChartPin
Free Printable Adverb Chart

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