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50 Example Sentences with Melancholy

50 Example Sentences with Melancholy

  1. The view of the mountains gave him a pang of melancholy.
  2. I am experiencing symptoms of melancholy that may be more serious than I thought.
  3. The warm weather has lifted everyone’s spirits, even mine which were somewhat melancholy after the storm.
  4. Her eyes had red-rimmed lids which made her look both pensive and melancholy.
  5. Steven was melancholy as he sat on the bench under the tree.
  6. One could sense a mood of melancholy as she walked into the theater.
  7. She looked as if she was about to burst into tears from melancholy.
  8. The company gave a concert, which filled us all with delight and melancholy.
  9. I often look back with melancholy on my childhood days.
  10. He was in melancholy mood when he left the party.
  11. She looked so melancholy, no one dared to approach her.
  12. He was feeling lonely and melancholy.
  13. After the death of his best friend, he fell into a deep melancholy.
  14. A sense of melancholy engulfed the actress.
  15. She was filled with melancholy and did not know what to do.
  16. The sadness did not leave him and he began to feel melancholy forever.
  17. She always had a feeling of melancholy, perhaps because she had no family and even friends did not like her.
  18. I was melancholy that the experiment failed.
  19. She has been melancholy since she lost her job.
  20. I remain melancholy about the death of my dog.
  21. A feeling of melancholy washes over me.
  22. She looked so melancholy.
  23. I felt so melancholy when I heard this song.
  24. Everyone seemed to be in a melancholy mood.
  25. Her eyes reflected a melancholy mood.
  26. I think he has melancholy.
  27. I am glad you admitted your melancholy.
  28. A melancholy summer walk, from childhood to childhood, from youth to youth.
  29. I have finished writing my thesis on the melancholic time.
  30. In this park of melancholy, the fountain makes no sound at all.
  31. The first thing I saw was a poster on a wall of greyish melancholy, your face with no eyes.
  32. She looked as alienated as a hawk watching from its nest on a windy night without stars, as melancholy as a lone wolf howling at a vanished moon.
  33. I was melancholy with the sight of the dead flowers.
  34. His father’s sudden death left him melancholy and sad.
  35. It was a melancholic night; the trees were covered in snow and the roads were quiet.
  36. I wish melancholy didn’t make me so sad but it does.
  37. Have you ever felt melancholy at the end of a long day of work?
  38. It is a melancholy calm that falls down on us when we come home.
  39. What a nostalgic feeling it is to be in the middle of nowhere and feel melancholy.
  40. Do you get a sense of melancholia when you hear your favourite song from your teenage years?
  41. I am feeling quite melancholy today.
  42. Do you remember melancholy days of autumn?
  43. When he died, he left behind some melancholy poetry.
  44. I am the only one who understands your melancholy .
  45. She was filled with melancholy at the thought of never seeing him again.
  46. At moments, he considered it with some melancholy.
  47. Although she tried to shake it off, her feelings of melancholy remained.
  48. He sat in a chair and looked sadly on the floor with a melancholy air of dejection.
  49. I saw a melancholy boy with a balloon in the street.
  50. That helpless sense of melancholy that comes with goodbye.
  51. The dog was melancholy when I returned home from work.
50 Example Sentences with MelancholyPin
50 Example Sentences with Melancholy

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