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No Sooner Than Sentences (31 Examples)

No sooner – than is a phrase that means “as soon as possible.” It’s often used in phrases like “no sooner than tomorrow” or “no sooner than tomorrow morning.” The phrase “no sooner” can also stand alone, meaning something happened right away. For example, you might say: I was so hungry after running the marathon; no sooner had I taken my first bite of a turkey sandwich when my stomach started to hurt.

Here are some examples used in everyday life using phrases “no sooner”, “no sooner – than”, “no sooner had”, “no sooner did” and “no sooner does”.

No Sooner Sentences

  1. He no sooner finished his meal when he felt sick to his stomach.
  2. She no sooner woke up than she realized she left her purse at work.
  3. She no sooner opened the door and saw that it was raining outside before she ran back inside.
  4. He no sooner turned on his computer than he received an email with bad news about his account status.
  5. I no sooner finished my homework before I heard someone knocking on my window.

No Sooner – Than Example Sentences

  1. No sooner had she finished her first glass of milk, than she poured herself a second.
  2. No sooner had I walked into the room than a man approached me and asked for money.
  3. No sooner had she arrived at the office than she was called to a meeting.
  4. No sooner had I opened the door than my dog ran inside and started licking me.
  5. No sooner had I turned on the TV than my phone rang.
  6. No sooner was she asleep than her phone rang with an emergency call.
  7. They no sooner left for work than it started to rain, so they came home again.
  8. No sooner had she walked in the door than he was already yelling at her.
  9. No sooner had I started up my computer than it crashed again.

No Sooner Had Sentences

  1. No sooner had they arrived when they heard a knock on the door.
  2. No sooner had I finished my dinner when I got a call from an old friend.
  3. No sooner had they pulled out of their driveway when they were hit by a car coming from the opposite direction.
  4. No sooner had I found my keys, when they slipped out of my hand again and fell to the ground.
  5. No sooner had we arrived at the airport than our flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems.
  6. No sooner had we finished dinner, when it started to rain.
  7. No sooner had I fallen asleep when a loud noise woke me up again.

No Sooner Did Sentences

  1. No sooner did he find his glasses than they were knocked off by the wind.
  2. No sooner did she walk in the door than he grabbed her arm.
  3. No sooner did we reach our destination than it started to pour down rain.
  4. No sooner did you see someone than you acted towards them.
  5. No sooner did I get home from work before I realized that I forgot something important and needed to go back for it.
  6. No sooner did we start talking when she got a call.
  7. No sooner did we get home before it started raining.

No Sooner Do/Does Sentences

  1. No sooner does she finish her meal than she is back for seconds.
  2. No sooner does someone tell me they’re coming over than they show up at my front door.
  3. No sooner do I get home from work than my husband starts nagging me about something trivial.
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no sooner – than, did, had, do/does

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