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Adjective of Number (Examples, List & Worksheet)

Adjective of number shows the definite or indefinite number of a person, thing or place. For example, I have two bikes. It is used with countable nouns.

Adjective of Number Types

There are three types of adjectives of number. Each type is briefly described here.

Definite Adjective of Number

All of the adjectives in this category are either ordinals or cardinals. These are definite amounts or numbers, for example, five, twenty, seventy-one, sixth, etc.

Example: There are six chairs in this room.

Indefinite Adjective of Number

In this type, the amount or number are not specific but these can be counted, therefore, it refers to indefinite adjective of number. Examples are some many, all, few, several etc.

Example: There are many chairs in this room.

Distributive Adjective of Number

These are adjectives that refer to individual people, places, or things that are part of a total group or part of a whole. Examples include each, every, either, neither.

Remember that many of these words can also function as other parts of speech (i.e. nouns and pronouns), so you must be careful to make sure that the word is functioning as an adjective.

Adjective of Number List

  • one, two, three, —–
  • first, second, third, fourth, ——
  • single, double, triple, quadruple, ——
  • some
  • few
  • many
  • all
  • no
  • several
  • any
  • most
  • more
  • too
  • much
  • none
  • too many
  • certain
  • each
  • every
  • neither
  • either

Adjective of Number Examples

  1. You can choose one color or pattern.
  2. You can wear five layers of clothing in winter but keep the bulk to a minimum.
  3. You have a second chance if you pick a pattern but this is your last chance if you wish to keep things simple.
  4. I have several books that I would like to read.
  5. Here are seven tips for making your communication more effective.
  6. Many people think that each person is unique.
  7. Do you have any apples?
  8. All of the students in the class are required to attend.
  9. Some people believe that much change is necessary.
  10. Jon is residing at third floor of this building.
  11. I don’t have any money.
  12. Every student in the class has to turn in their homework.
  13. Either a A or B is true.
  14. None of the students turned in their homework.
  15. Few people know about it.
  16. This building was constructed in seventh century.
  17. He was the sixth man to arrive.
  18. I have two tables in my room.
  19. She has double eyelashes.
  20. I did not see any rabbit in the cage.
  21. Tom has three siblings.
  22. I have twenty dollars in my pocket.
  23. You are the fourth person to ask me that today.
  24. Some people think that money can solve everything.
  25. I’ve baked twelve cookies, so there should be enough for everyone.
  26. You can either have a cookie or a piece of cake.
  27. I have all the answers to your questions.
  28. Either of those solutions will work for me.
  29. Neither of those solutions is going to work for me.
  30. I don’t have either a blue or a green shirt.
  31. I need all of these books for my research paper.
  32. Either of those books would be great for my research paper.
  33. Neither of those books is appropriate for my research paper.
  34. Two options are possible solutions to this problem.
  35. Neither of those solutions is the best solution to this problem
Adjective of Number ExamplesPin
Adjective of Number Examples

Adjective of Quantity Vs Adjective of Number

The adjective of quantity and adjective of number may seem similar but there are differences between them. Here is how they are different from each other:

Adjective of QuantityAdjective of Number
Adjective of quantity shows the quantity of a noun. The quantity is proportionate.Adjective of number shows the definite or indefinite number of any noun.
Example: I have eaten some food. Example: I have eaten two zinger-burgers.
Words: some, any, all, enough, whole, sufficient.Words: first, second, five, nine, any, all, sixth.
It is used with uncountable nouns. It is used with countable nouns.
It is not categorized and is used only for indefinite quantity. It is categorized into three types: Definite Adjective of Number, Indefinite Adjective of Number, Distributive Adjective of Number

Adjective of Number Worksheet

Identify the adjective of number in the given sentences

  1. She is the fifth person to speak. ( fifth )
  2. It’s the third time I’ve told you! ( _________ )
  3. In the first inning, the scoring began. ( _________ )
  4. The week has two holidays. ( _________ )
  5. It will take you many days to complete the task. ( _________ )
  6. Many students feel overwhelmed by the amount of homework they have. ( _________ )
  7. Each employee is responsible for their own work. ( _________ )
  8. All of the employees are required to attend the meeting. ( _________ )
  9. Some of the students are not going to be able to make it. ( _________ )
  10. Neither A nor B is true. ( _________ )
Adjective of Number WorksheetPin
Adjective of Number Worksheet


  1. fifth
  2. third
  3. first
  4. two
  5. many
  6. many
  7. each
  8. all
  9. some
  10. neither

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