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50 Example Sentences with ch words

Challenge yourself to type out these sentences with ch sound words.

Sentences with ch words

  1. The chart was checked for errors by the CEO.
  2. The chef chopped chicken, onions, peppers and spices to make chicken chili.
  3. We were asked to choose between two choices.
  4. The choosing of colors has been changed by experts over the years.
  5. For new year, we choose chocolates and candies as gifts.
  6. The choirs practiced their songs, awaiting the competition.
  7. Chocolate lovers will love this cake.
  8. Chameleons change their colors to blend in with their surroundings.
  9. The cheerleaders practice their cheers after school.
  10. The chinchillas run to the chasm.
  11. The coach often checks the children’s homework.
  12. I gave up after hours of being checked by the traffic cop.
  13. We stopped at the bank to make our cheque.
  14. The poet chanced upon the obscure chapel on his way to the village.
  15. The child screamed his chocolate chip cookie at the ceiling fan.
  16. The chinchilla crawls into the change pot.
  17. There are cheap toys in this market.
  18. The cheap shopper buys many products.
  19. The Chinese T-shirt Company will be my customer.
  20. He chips away at the problem.
  21. Choose a necklace style that matches your dress.
  22. Choose colors to match your skin tone.
  23. Choose formal clothes for important occasions.
  24. Choose patterns that are muted.
  25. Choose hair length that suits your face shape.
  26. Choose styles that will flatter your body type.
  27. Chandler uses his height to help him play basketball better.
  28. China is one of the world’s biggest economies.
  29. Children love chocolates.
  30. Check your change for chip notes.
  31. Which chain you’d like to wear from the available options?
  32. That child could be a chaperone.
  33. He is an expert in Chinese history.
  34. The market changes constantly, so check back regularly if you’re waiting to buy a house.
  35. The dream chaser was not psychotic
  36. Tina styled her hair into a complex chignon.
  37. During trading sessions, the traders gathered around the chalkboard to track the stock ticker tape.
  38. I’m looking forward to attending your charity ball this year, which will provide an opportunity to meet new people and renew old acquaintances.
  39. My children loved the theme park and the chocolate fountains.
  40. I need to renew my cheque book and credit card.
  41. We selected a restaurant and ate chicken-chili.
  42. I started college in China two years ago, but could only speak a few words of English.
  43. Check the bike chain links regularly.
  44. Chop up ingredients for a salad.
  45. Choose an outfit carefully for a job interview.
  46. He got admission in Chapman University School of Law.
  47. Tom is a mediocre chess player, he rarely wins.
  48. I enjoyed the chairlift at the hill station.
  49. Please change my chair.
  50. She had gotten something stuck in her chin cleft.
  51. When I am home on a Sunday, I chomp down on a sandwich with chips and have a drink.
50 Example Sentences with ch wordsPin
50 Example Sentences with ch words

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