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Adverbs Starting with E (List & 20 Examples)

List of 95 Adverbs Starting with E and example sentences.

20 Example Sentences

Adverbs Starting with ‘e’Example Sentences
eagerly George eagerly awaits the arrival of his friends.
easily She was easily distracted by anything shiny and could not concentrate on her tasks for more than two hours at a time.
earnestly The company needs someone who is earnestly committed to its core values.
evidentlyWe should endeavor to see these things evidently.
Electrically Electrically conductive materials were invented while searching for synthetic alternatives to rubber.
effectively I found all production management concepts handled effectively and efficiently at the end of my tasks.
elegantly When we speak about taking risks, you can imagine that all this has to be done elegantly without drama.
EmpatheticallyEmpathetically, he listened to my every word as I struggled to tell my story.
eminently Edgar Allan Poe is eminently known for his terrifying and ominous stories.
effortlessly Money was effortlessly borrowed from his new bank account.
engagingly Newspapers and magazines are written with an engagingly clear style.
enormously I am enormously grateful to my teachers, who always talk to me in a friendly, entertaining, and encouraging manner.
enjoyably Many people will enjoyably do a particular activity.
entirely The gift was entirely helpful to me.
ethically I have ethically objected to hunting endangered species for many years now.
equally He is equally brave and compassionate.
especially His wit is especially biting and sarcastic.
I especially felt this way upon reading the book’s introduction written by Bill Cosby.
emotionally The Emperor was emotionally attached to his son.
effortlessly My collection of short stories effortlessly weaves together the remarkable into the mundane realm.
estimably Estimably, both men rose to the challenge and began the work immediately, beginning with the inventory.
The business community is estimably behind the event.
early He rose early to finish his work.
Leave early for the airport and make sure you print your passport photo on the ticket!
Adverbs Starting with E

List (95 Words)

  1. Eagerly
  2. Earnestly
  3. Early     
  4. Easily
  5. Eerily    
  6. Ebulliently
  7. Eccentrically
  8. Eclectically
  9. Ecologically
  10. Economically
  11. Editorially
  12. Educationally
  13. Effectively
  14. Efficaciously
  15. Efficiently
  16. Effortlessly
  17. Elaborately
  18. Electronically
  19. Elegantly
  20. Eloquently
  21. Else
  22. Elsewhere          
  23. Embarrassingly
  24. Eminently
  25. Emotionally
  26. Empathetically
  27. Empirically
  28. Encouragingly
  29. Endlessly
  30. Enduringly
  31. Energetically
  32. Engagingly
  33. Enjoyably           
  34. Enormously       
  35. Enterprisingly
  36. Enthrallingly
  37. Enthusiastically
  38. Enticingly            
  39. Entirely
  40. Entrancingly      
  41. Enviably              
  42. Environmentally
  43. Episodically
  44. Equably
  45. Equally
  46. Equitably
  47. Equivocally
  48. Ere
  49. Erectly
  50. Erotically
  51. Erratically
  52. Erroneously
  53. Eruditely
  54. Esoterically
  55. Especially
  56. Essentially
  57. Est
  58. Estimably  
  59. Eternally
  60. Ethically
  61. Ethnically
  62. Evasively
  63. Even
  64. Evenly
  65. Eventfully
  66. Ever
  67. Everlastingly
  68. Evidently
  69. Evil
  70. Evilly
  71. Exactly
  72. Exasperatingly
  73. Exceedingly
  74. Excellently
  75. Excusably
  76. Exhaustively
  77. Expansively
  78. Expectedly
  79. Expeditiously
  80. Experimentally
  81. Explanatively
  82. Explicitly
  83. Explosively
  84. Exponentially
  85. Expressly
  86. Extempore
  87. Extemporarily
  88. Extendedly
  89. Extensively
  90. Externally
  91. Extra
  92. Extraordinarily
  93. Extravagantly
  94. Extremely
  95. Exultantly
Adverbs Starting with EPin
Adverbs Starting with E

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