Sentences with Linking Verbs (65 Examples)

If the verb is a word that shows action, Linking Verbs are verbs that do not demonstrate an action instead it connects the subject to the predicate or an adjective that completes the thought of a sentence. The common linking verbs are: am, is, are, was, were, be, and been. In this lesson, we are going to construct Sentences with Linking Verbs. These linking verbs can be singular (is) or plural (are) in form, and can be in past (was, were, been), present (is, are, and am), and future (be) in tenses. 

Linking verbs are also known as a state of being. It does not express any specific action but as an alternative, it describes existence. These words are also called helping verbs. It is used along with the main verb that helps another verb to modify the tense, voice, or mood of the sentence.

Sentences with Linking Verbs

  1.  The boy is playing his toy car.
  2. My mother is an intelligent lawyer.
  3. He is a famous and respected man. 
  4. He is driving a car when he fainted which causes his car to bump on a tree.
  5. Her voice is so magnificent that she won the championship.
  6. Father is harvesting the rice crops with some of his helpers.
  7. The baby is crying in pain after the nurse injected her first immunization.
  8. The singing band is practicing for their performance next week.
  9. The doctor is in a hurry to the emergency room.
  10. The farmer is waiting for the harvest time.
  11. They are making a boisterous noise with their imbalance drum beats.
  12. Families from different community are represented by the head of the family.
  13. The people are waiting for the street dancers to arrive.
  14. These students are no longer attending there classes since the first quarter. 
  15. The cows are ready for milking.
  16. The soldiers are starving for food in the middle of war.
  17. The crops are being eaten by the crows.
  18. The books are properly filed in the bookshelves.
  19. Lots of nurses in the Philippines are working abroad.
  20. The fruits in the basket are freshly picked from the farm.
  21. I was in the mall last night when I met my old friend.
  22. He had a fantastic imaginings when he was a preschooler.
  23. I turned down the music because it was too deafening and loud.
  24. It was the typhoon that wiped out their house.
  25. He was elected as the alumni president in year 2000.
  26. She was alone in their home. We should accompany her.
  27. Niel was in Japan when his sister graduated in High School.
  28. How was your day?
  29. She was a brave and courageous girl.
  30. The good thing is, no one was injured in that car accident.
  31. They were enjoying the party last night.
  32. The Kids were playing outside when the heavy rain fall.
  33. Young boys and girls were practicing for the playground demonstration last Friday.
  34. You were there, when the incident happen.
  35. We were all tired after the school graduation.
  36. I called several times, no one answered the phone, were you busy yesterday?
  37. Fifty people were present in the meeting this morning.
  38. If I were you, I wouldn’t see him.
  39. Why were you late last night?
  40. That kid talks as if he were an old man.
  41. I have been to many places, but have not yet gone to the Philippines.
  42. She has been working in that company for a decade.
  43. I have been busy for the past days.
  44. He’s always been good to me, I don’t know why?
  45. My mother has been dead for 2 years.
  46. Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you.
  47. It has been raining since Monday. 
  48. Have you been informed about the meeting?
  49. She’d never been this happy before, she’s really happy with the gift she received.
  50. Have you been told why you didn’t pass the examination?
  51. I will be happy if you choose me as your secretary.
  52. You’ll be okey, just stay calm.
  53. Would that be fine if I’ll pick these flowers from your garden?
  54. He must be homesick, it is his first time to be away from their home.
  55. If you want to be a good leader, learn to be a good follower.
  56. When you grow up, what would you like you to?
  57. Stay away from wide open space when there is lightning, it can be dangerous.
  58. The truth can’t be hidden, it will always be come out in an open.
  59. I will be running a hundred kilometer in the competition tomorrow.
  60. I will be cooking a special dinner on Sunday.
  61. I am the eldest among my siblings.
  62. Am I clear on the instruction I gave?
  63. I am a compassionate teacher.
  64. I ask myself, am I really happy with my job?
  65. I am always kind to those who are in need of help.

Printable Examples:

Sentences with Linking Verbs (65 Examples) Page 1Pin
Sentences with Linking Verbs (65 Examples) Page 1
Sentences with Linking Verbs (65 Examples) Page 2Pin
Sentences with Linking Verbs (65 Examples) Page 2
Sentences with Linking Verbs (65 Examples) Page 3Pin
Sentences with Linking Verbs (65 Examples) Page 3
Sentences with Linking Verbs (65 Examples) Page 4Pin
Sentences with Linking Verbs (65 Examples) Page 4


With the given examples of sentences with linking verbs, you have now an idea of how to use these words in a sentence. Note that linking verbs are not action words but they are words that help the main verb complete its thoughts and meaning in a sentence. If you can notice that these words (linking verbs) precede the subject (noun or pronoun) of the sentence. 

In other words, these are an important part of the sentence because it acts like a bridge or a link that connects the subject and the subject complement (a word or phrase that follows a linking verb).

Example: My mother is a lawyer

(The linking verb is “is”). The subject complement (lawyer) identifies the subject as “Mother”(noun).

The Linking verb “is” served as a bridge or word connecting the subject to the subject complement, thus, completing the thought or meaning of the sentence.

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