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Sentences with Zero Conditional – with Examples

Mastering grammar is sometimes difficult and complicated. But learning step by step will lead you to master what seems to be difficult. One of the complicated parts of English grammar is knowing how to use and how to make sentences with Zero Conditional. 

Wait! What is Zero Conditional? Before you get to know zero conditional tenses, let’s find out what is conditional tense. 

In grammar, conditional tense is used to show possibilities of what might, what could have, or will happen IF a definite action is and was performed.

It can be observed that:

  1. In zero conditional, the tenses of both parts of the sentence are in simple present form.
  2. The zero conditional sentences usually make statements about the real world, they may refer to scientific facts, general truth, or real and possible outcomes of a certain action. 
  3. The zero conditional sentences use “if” or “when” in an imperative form which is used to give instructions. 

The order of the clauses in conditional sentences is not stable or fixed. You can interchange the clauses without changing their meaning. The general truth is expressed identically even if clauses were rearranged.


  • If rain don’t fall, the grass won’t grow.
  • The grass won’t grow, if rain don’t fall.

Notice that rearranging the clause (Fist clause to the second clause – Vice Versa) will not affect the thought or meaning of the sentence. It remains the same.

Sentences with Zero Conditional

How do we construct sentences with Zero Conditional?

                  The structure of the zero conditional is:

                  If + present simple, present simple.

Zero conditional statements about general truth, scientific facts, or possible result of an action taken

  1. If you light the candle, it melts.
  2. If you tell the truth, it sets you free.
  3. If rain don’t fall, the grass won’t grow.
  4. If you combine yellow and blue, you will get green.
  5. If you practice more, you master the skills.
  6. If you believe in yourself, you can make it!
  7. If you leave your family, it breaks their heart.
  8. It you eat vegetables, you’ll be healthy.
  9. If you don’t study, you’ll have low grades.
  10. If you sow good things, you reap good things.
  11. If you study hard, you have good future.
  12. If you charge the phone, battery gets full.
  13. If you save in the bank, you’ll get an interest.
  14. If you spend unwisely, you end up lacking.
  15. If the business don’t profit, it will lose.
  16. If you lie, no one will trust you.
  17. There is no hope, if a man dies.
  18. If you surpass the challenges in life, you become strong.
  19. When your eyes is too much expose in gadgets, it strain.
  20. You will have more, if you know how to share to those in need.
  21. When Samantha is absent, I’ll take over her class.
  22. When you eat too much chocolate, you got toothache.
  23. When I feel sleepy, I take a coffee.
  24. You gain knowledge if you are a bookworm.
  25. Teachers gets angry if student doesn’t behave well.
  26. If we take a trip with the family, we usually go to the beach.
  27. When I’m stress, I go to the mall.
  28. If typhoon fall, cancel the classes.
  29. If a man lost his sight, he lost his hope, also.
  30. When dawn comes, light shines.
  31. If the leaves wither, it falls.
  32. If tree grow askew, it’s hard to straighten it.
  33. If you miss the party, you can’t enjoy.
  34. If you don’t perform well, you’re fired!
  35. If you drink too much, you get drunk.

Zero Conditional sentences using imperative statements.

  1. If the clock rings, be on your bed.
  2. Do not open the door, if someone knocks at midnight.
  3. If you wish to visit, inform me a day before.
  4. Call be in this number if you can’t find my address.
  5. If you want to attend the party, wear a formal attire.
  6. Keep your father’s word, if you want to become a good man.
  7. Be sure to be back at 5:00 p.m, if you want to catch up the trip.
  8. Don’t waste food, there’s a lot of people who cannot eat a single meal.
  9. If you want to have a good friend, learn to be a good one.
  10. Make sure that you submit your assignment, if you want to get high grades.
  11. Use this credit card if you’re short in money.
  12. If you don’t give what is due to him, I’ll take it all from you.
  13. You should take this medicine if you want to get well soon.
  14. If you want peace of mind, learn to forgive and forget.
  15. Ask Laura if you don’t know how to do it.
  16. Don’t forget to lock the door, when you leave.
  17. Be sure to wash the dishes, after your meal.
  18. Be respectful if you want to be respected.
  19. Train your kids properly if you want them to be good.
  20. Be sure to cook our dinner when to you arrive.
Sentences with Zero Conditional - with ExamplesPin

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We thought it is hard and difficult, but we are not aware that we are using sentences with Zero Conditional in our daily conversation. This condition is not connected to the past, present, and future rather it only agreed to what is ALWAYS true and possible. We use “if” or “when” in constructing sentences with zero conditional which indicates that if one thing happens, another possible action or a result from the preceding act will happen. This condition also shows general habits or permanent truth or facts. Remember that the zero conditional is used not to refer to a specific time, like the forthcoming or the previous event. It only shows general facts. The zero conditional is simple and easy to make as it is always present in our daily conversation though we may be unaware of it. Now, try to make your own sentence using the zero conditional!

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