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How to make Sentences with Swag – with Examples

How to make sentences with swag? “SWAG” is a word not so familiar in the English language but was used with different meanings.  ‘Swag’ is actually founded on the Scandinavian word “svagga” which means ‘to shake wobblingly or in a quick motion.’ In the 13th or 14th century, it was introduced into the English language.

Later, the meaning of the word (Swag) evolves and progresses over time, and it’s certainly not permanent or set in stone. In current usage, swag (noun) come to have a few diverse meanings such as; 

  • Swag as (STOLEN) – stolen goods: illegally obtained goods
  • Swag as (FREE THINGS) – free things that you are given, for example at an event; free merchandise such as promotional items and goodies.
  • Swag as (POSSESSIONS) – belongings or property swathed in fabric and carried by a person homeless or jobless people, and walks around from one place to another.
  • Swag as (STYLE) – a stylish and confident look or manner of conducting oneself.
  • Swag as (DECORATION) – a piece of material, fabrics, or textiles draped above a frame as a decoration; an ornamental wreath

From these meanings, we can make sentences with swag.

Sentences with Swag Examples

Swag as (STOLEN)

  1. These swags were recovered from the 3 bandits who robbed the store.
  2. He put his swags on his bag and hid it in their house.
  3. Because of the calamity, there’s food scarcity. Some people obtained their food from swags.
  4. This swag bag cost a hundred dollar.
  5. His cap has a word “swag” written on it.
  6. Two teenagers were caught with their swags while they were waiting for the bus.
  7. They live and survive in their everyday life with their swags.
  8. “Looting” or swag is the only means they can do after the disaster.
  9. The swag wallet contains one thousand dollar, identification cards, credit cards and other important personal documents.
  10. Was that a swag pants he’s selling?


  1. We went to a concert and received this swag shirt from the music band.
  2. They are distributing samples of their new company product as swags.
  3. My bag was full of swag from the conference last night.
  4. We got swag bags from the concert last week.
  5. The youth campaign provides swag drink and food for the audience.
  6. We have to stay until the end of the event, they will be giving swag caps.
  7. The winner of this competition will also receive a swag mobile phone.
  8. After the congress, they were given swag gadgets that made them enjoy the event.
  9. More merchants are giving swags during Christmas season.


  1. There are lots of homeless people in our country carrying their swags everywhere they go.
  2. The man who were after by the police man left his swag in the street.
  3. His swags is as important as his life, he said.
  4. The old woman wrapped his swags in a blanket full of stains.
  5. His swags seem so heavy for him to carry, I wonder what’s inside it.
  6. Insane people can reach far places with their swags along with them.
  7. He use his swags as pillow at bed time.
  8. Hey! That swag belong to me! Give it back to me!
  9. He’s packing his swags after the camp.

Swag as (STYLE)

  1. She dressed in swag and she really looks good at it.
  2. There are lots of new swag clothes for men and women that is sold in this boutique.
  3. Hey! That cool shoes is swag today. 
  4. I am not into swag items, I prefer old fashion styles.
  5. Swags come and go, it never stay for long period of time.
  6. Fashion designers make new swags by innovating from the old ones.
  7. He’s swag look attracts a lot of people where he passed by.
  8. She wore a swag shirt with his swag pants, and his swag shoes.
  9. Your swags is old as the 1980’s.


  1. The leaving room has a beautiful curtain with swags uniquely designed on it.
  2. We put some colorful swags on the door that makes the entrance of the weeding hall so fabulous and elegant.
  3. The swags in this widow looks worn-out, we must replace it with a new one.
  4. The Round the sides of these blueberry cake had piped swags of candies.
  5. Surround with swags of transparent textile of your weeding motif can add elegance to a beach wedding altar.
  6. Dress your chandelier with colorful swags, with silver ribbon or dangle small sea beads ornaments to make it sophisticated.
  7. These hanging roots will serve as swags for a jungle like setting of the play.
  8. Their bed were ornamented with swags of pearls and mini roses, it really looks romantic.
  9. This night gown made me look a swag.
  10. The wall was covered with swag of leaves that makes it refreshing to look at.
  11. To dance with Anna is just like carrying a swag.
  12. The place were enclosed with red and silver ribbon swags sparkled with gold and silver dashes.
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Printable Examples:

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How to Make Sentences with Swag Part 1
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We may find it hard to make sentences with swag or use the word swag in a sentence since the word is rarely used in the English language. However, with the definition mentioned above, we can make it a guide on how to use the word clearly and comprehensively. 

At first, you may find it difficult but the more you practice using it the easier it becomes. Try using this word in your everyday conversation or discussion to get familiarized and make use of it. 

“Swag” though not originated from the English language, it was adapted and used as slang language. The evolution of this word makes it a word with varied meanings which can be used depending on the thought or idea it wants to convey in a sentence. I hope that you have learned something from this article.

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