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Sentences with Provocative (37 Examples)

Example Sentences with Provocative

  1. It was provocative, and most people either loved it or hated it!
  2. Do you think this will prove to be a provocative play?
  3. The subject matter of the painting is as controversial and provocative as anything Banksy has produced in recent years.
  4. Is this such a provocative thing to say?
  5. The article is full of provocative ideas.
  6. I know that you will be able to get a lot out of this provocative book.
  7. Another day, another provocative article about the government.
  8. You need to read this provocative blog post if you are hoping to save money this year.
  9. The movie industry is slowly becoming more open-minded, and a few adventurous directors are beginning to produce more thought-provoking and provocative films.
  10. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female; when someone makes a personal comment about your physique, it’s more than likely to be considered provocative.
  11. A provocative choice in music may be too harsh for a first date.
  12. If you want to discuss politics or religion publicly, it’s best not to broach a provocative subject matter that could lead to an unpleasant argument.
  13. Provocative ideas need to be ventured and welcomed.
  14. It would help if you used provocative language to catch the reader’s attention and make them curious to read the whole story.
  15. The benefits of using provocative copy are to gain intelligence on what we should do next, sell more on the perspective of change, and improve our product or service.
  16. People who use provocative clothing often receive comments from those around them.
  17. The onlookers were not surprised by the defendant’s provocative behavior.
  18. His provocative argument is hard to refute.
  19. Provocative allegations of the CEO’s mismanagement have been reported in the industry media.
  20. A provocative article recently created quite a storm on social media.
  21. The court was told that Millie’s actions were provocative; she was threatening and abusive towards the police.
  22. The findings were regarded as controversial, surprising, and even provocative.
  23. Quite a few of them are well known for their provocative acts.
  24. He is a very provocative speaker.
  25. It was done in an overly provocative way.
  26. The teacher’s provocative remarks created a heated argument in class.
  27. The more provocative the advertisement, the better the sales will be.
  28. Someone who constantly behaves in a provocative way is likely to be regarded as a nuisance by those who have the misfortune to come into contact with them.
  29. Anybody involved in overseeing events that involve children needs to do what they can to ensure that there is no opportunity for provocative activity on the part of those running the show.
  30. It’s not possible to argue that provocative behavior has no place in society; it’s impossible to function as a human being without provoking someone else.
  31. It’s hard to work with your boss when you feel they are always too provocative at meetings.
  32. Provocative clothing will attract a lot of attention.
  33. The store had an entire wall of provocative display art.
  34. Controversy ensued when the politician made a provocative statement about his political opponent.
  35. She was overly provocative and irritated everyone she met.
  36. What did you think of the movie? Did you find it too provocative?
  37. I suggest changing your provocative headline copy, and you can’t see my point.
Example Sentences with ProvocativePin
Sentences with Provocative

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