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The Parts of Speech Examples (127 Mixed Sentences)

What are Parts of Speech?

Parts of speech are the building blocks or components of a sentence. All words belong to one part of speech or another; there are eight parts of speech in all. Knowing what they are will help you choose your words wisely and use them correctly in your writing.

Parts of Speech Examples

Nouns Sentences

  1. The cat is fat.
  2. My dog likes to lick people’s faces.
  3. A house can be a place for living or an investment property.
  4. Spain has many different types of cheese, such as Manchego and Idiazabal.
  5. I need some apples for my lunch today.
  6. My parents live in North America.
  7. I like to eat bananas for breakfast.
  8. I like to put jam on toast.
  9. Fruits are my favorite dessert.
  10. We were ordered to carry sacks of rice across the river.
  11. The best way to start a business is to know what you need before beginning.
  12. Always look at the big picture when creating a product.
  13. I recently met your brother’s girlfriend.
  14. The newly elected president was sworn in on January 12th, 2019.
  15. He quickly walked out of the room.

Pronouns Sentences

  1. I went to the store yesterday
  2. They are my favorite animal
  3. She is so nice.
  4. He lives in this house next door.
  5. I have my own car.
  6. She may go to Hawaii next month.
  7. The man who helped us is my brother.
  8. They are here somewhere.
  9. He played for years before he became famous.
  10. Did you like the film?
  11. He plays the guitar.
  12. You are an important part of this project.
  13. His dog is cute.
  14. I love the new dress you bought.
  15. You are always helping me with my work, thanks!

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Verb Sentences

  1. She puts the entire responsibility on him.
  2. I went to the mall.
  3. He decided to pursue his dream to become a drummer on its own.
  4. She spoke for an hour.
  5. They suggested an alternative.
  6. We showed them around.
  7. The match made it three on the bounce.
  8. You were told to hold tight, but you leant back on the rope and fell over.
  9. They finally agreed on a price with their business partner, after several months of negotiation.
  10. Did he order a lobster or a steak?
  11. I like to workout at home.
  12. She decided to start running.
  13. I would like to take a vacation.
  14. They wanted to go camping.
  15. You should work on your Spanish.
  16. It’s important to learn how to cook basic meals.
  17. I like to look at the stars and plan my day tomorrow.
  18. My first job out of college was as an assistant manager at Starbucks and I loved it.
  19. Furthermore, I would work hard on my new business and close the gap between my income and how much I was spending.
  20. She founded her first business as a result of moving to a new town, where she needed a way to meet new people.

Adverb Sentences

  1. Steve will always say what he thinks.
  2. I am waiting patiently for my pay rise.
  3. She left very quickly.
  4. The bill was paid promptly.
  5. I will definitely complete it soon.
  6. And they did it immediately.
  7. Lisa presently earns more money.
  8. It is finally finished.
  9. The medicine only works temporarily.
  10. She was totally exhausted after the ordeal.
  11. She immediately cancelled her membership.
  12. We eventually found a solution.
  13. Their voices were gradually fading away.
  14. I will gladly help you whenever you need it.
  15. She hasn’t been very consistent at sleeping lately.

Adjectives Sentences

  1. She is the kindest person in the class.
  2. I need a new dress for the party.
  3. This is the coldest winter we have ever had.
  4. The tree was full of green leaves.
  5. You are the most beautiful person ever!
  6. The fox was funny with its big bushy tail!
  7. The large conference table was perfectly suited for the big conference room.
  8. The small desk was perfectly suited for the small office.
  9. The purple chair was perfectly suited for the pink room.
  10. The long conference table was not suited for the short conference room.
  11. The blue chair was not suited for the yellow room.
  12. The wooden desk was not suited for the carpeted floor.
  13. The big table is perfect for the big meeting room.
  14. Sometimes drastic measures are necessary to turn a company around.  
  15. The government needs to understand the gravity of the economic crisis.

Preposition Sentences

  1. The book is lying on the table.
  2. I’m going to put a piece of paper below this book.
  3. He went to the hospital.
  4. I have to work on Saturday.
  5. The world champion spoke with the President of Brazil about corruption in sport.
  6. The stove burst open with a bang.
  7. She didn’t want to do so without her brother.
  8. The dog seemed very happy to meet you.
  9. She came out the door crying.
  10. On average, people sleep for 8 hours each night.
  11. Your flight leaves in 20 minutes.
  12. She presided over the meeting.
  13. We are behind schedule.
  14. We are running late for work.
  15. It’s in front of the house.
  16. It’s located in front of our home.
  17. This is a project about leadership.
  18. One way to get there is by setting goals.
  19. That’s the purpose of this site.

Conjunction Sentences

  1. I went to the cinema, but I didn’t enjoy it.
  2. I was really tired during the day, so I woke up later than usual. And when I woke up, I had no time to get ready for school.
  3. He waited a long time, but his parents did not come back home.
  4. Choose a number from 1-10 and write its name in the box.
  5. I love this dress, but there are no sleeves.
  6. These tacos are tasty but they are spicy.
  7. She is a top actress as well as a social worker.
  8. She walked in with her friends, but left alone the moment she saw the crowd waiting for autographs at the entrance of the theatre.
  9. It is also important that the media covers all sides of the story.
  10. Finally, economy will diminish because many companies will go bankrupt if they are not able to remain competitive.
  11. Writers are supposed to be excited about what they are writing about.

Interjection Sentences

  1. Wow! I can’t believe I won!
  2. Yay, it’s the weekend!
  3. Aww, you’re so sweet.
  4. Yikes, that’s a lot of work.
  5. Oops, I forgot my wallet!
  6. Wow! I can’t believe I hit the jackpot!
  7. Be careful! You might fall off that ladder!
  8. It’s amazing! We won the lottery!
  9. Yay! We have a better looking lawn than our neighbors.  
  10. How fun! We have been randomly selected to win two free tickets to a rock concert.
  11. Aww, poor little one, did you hurt yourself?
  12. Wow! I can’t believe I got an “A” on my math test!
  13. Oh how exciting! Prize money awaits!
  14. Yippee! We’ve hit the jackpot!
  15. Thanks for your help! I’m having so much fun up here.
  16. Oh, man! I can’t wait for the weekend!
  17. Yay, I’m so excited!
The Parts of Speech Examples (mixed sentences)Pin
The Parts of Speech Examples (mixed sentences)

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