Sentences With Semicolons (;) 50 Examples

A semicolon is a punctuation mark used to separate two closely related clauses without using a coordinating conjunction. Here are 50 example sentences with semicolons.

Sentences With Semicolons

Semicolon gives sense to the sentence without being too assertive. It helps avoid being vague and vague to encourage thought.

Semicolon (;) is used in English to join independent clauses. It tells you you have to read on before reaching a point of real understanding.

  1. I like to exercise; for instance, I go to the gym every night after work.
  2. I like to listen to music; I prefer jazz.
  3. I like to read; I am an avid reader of historical fiction
  4. I like to write; my blog is dedicated to English Grammar.
  5. I turned her down for the job; it was not something that I particularly wanted to do.
  6. I parked my car outside the house; the street was busy.
  7. Let`s go out tonight; there is a great band playing at the club.
  8. Let me know your decision; we need to start making plans soon.
  9. He wants to quit his job and travel around South America; he has always wanted to do it.
  10. I’m going to the beach; it is very hot here in Taiwan.
  11. Let me know your decision; we need to start making plans soon.
  12. I was just thinking about getting a sandwich; do you know anywhere good?
  13. I’m an early riser; I get up at 5 am every day.
  14. Dogs are smarter than cats, because they can do tricks;  spoken language skills are better than just barking.
  15. Either he is late already or he won’t come at all;  a lack of punctuality is not my concern.
  16. But the teacher was the greatest mind of his time; he had over a hundred ideas.
  17. I like reading; novels, plays, poems — I like them all!
  18. I’m optimistic about your future; this year will be your most successful yet!
  19. Although it is dry ; there’ re many trees on the hills.
  20. I do not like coffee; I prefer tea.
  21. You ‘re looking for a job; you ‘re not a student.
  22. We reached school; happy and excited!
  23. I like cats; dogs are nice also.
  24. You can; let us think about it together.
  25. The stories are both; well written plots.
  26. She was only three years old when her folks moved abroad; she spoke perfect English when she came back to the States four years later, at age seven.
  27. Mario Lanza was the tenor with the beautiful voice; he went to Hollywood and died of a heart attack at age thirty.
  28. The child ran home; he was hungry.
  29. Many companies are now turning to virtual services; they are simply cheaper.
  30. This is not the case; there are plenty of items that you will still have to travel for business.
  31. This is one area that may change in the future though; e-commerce may well start providing more of the products that we buy every day.
  32. I used to be able to do it; but now I cannot.
  33. For better or worse; he will always be just a little boy to me.
  34. I am sorry; there is nothing I can do for you.
  35. She loves him; but she hates his temper.
  36. The team played excellent football; almost too good for its own good.
  37. The Smith family; Jill, Ken and the children; Thompson, Tessa and Tom; has always loved camping; but after visiting one of the world’s largest shopping malls; they decided to take their camping trip indoors.
  38. My favorite actor is Jackie Chan; his movies are entertaining and very funny.
  39. They made the dessert; ice cream, chocolate mousse and jelly.
  40. Please turn up the radio; I can’t hear it over the sound of the fan.
  41. I would love to go to France; Paris or Marseille.
  42. You should take the bus, it’s better than walking.
  43. My husband is very interested in music; however, I am not.
  44. The superhero had a secret identity and a secret origin; he was a mild-mannered reporter that worked for the Daily Bugle.
  45. The contest is open to all who wish to participate; we only ask you send us your best entry by noon on Sunday.
  46. On her way home she stopped to see an old friend; they talked for some time and then she walked the rest of the way home.
  47. I love going there; however, it is a bit obscure.
  48. She was raised in India and Massachusetts; she lives mostly in New York City.
  49. I like the colors; purple is my favorite color.
  50. Grandmother opposed to my new hair color; she is afraid I will be mistaken for a skunk.
  51. Oh, i love this; its simply amazing.
  52. There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept; running away from our problems never helps. The best thing to do is to face the problem and solve it.
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sentences with semicolons (;)

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