Free Printable Chart of PrepositionPin

Free Printable Chart of Preposition

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What are prepositions?

Prepositions are words that show the relationship of a noun or pronoun to another word in the sentence. They describe location, direction, or time. For example, in, at, on, inside, up, to, from over etc.

This table will provide a quick overview of prepositions.

Preposition of Placeabove, below, behind, between, next toThe cat is sitting behind the box.
The car is next to the tree.
The boy was sitting on his chair.
Preposition of Movementacross, around, away, from, over, throughHe walked across the street.
The wind blew through the trees.
We walked through the woods to get home.
Preposition of Timein, at, on, during, for, tillI’ll be in college next year.
She was at home yesterday evening.
We’re going to see a movie on Friday night.
Types of prepositions

Preposition require an object

A preposition’s object is a noun that follows a preposition and completes its meaning.

For example,

Tom drove his car to the beach. (In this sentence, “to” is preposition while “the beach” is an object of preposition.

Parts of Prepositional Phrase

A prepositional phrase has three parts:

  1. The preposition
  2. Object of the preposition
  3. Modifier of the object

See the example below:

The small fish swam away from the gigantic shark. (In this sentence “from” is preposition, “gigantic” is modifier of the object, and “shark” is an object of preposition.

Printable Chart of Preposition

Free Printable Chart of PrepositionPin
Free Printable Chart of Preposition

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