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Adjective of Quantity (Examples & List)

An adjective of quantity is a word or phrase used to modify a noun by indicating the quantity of the thing it represents, for example, a house full of furniture, several cars, millions of people.

An adjective of quantity is a suffix to a noun that denotes a specific amount. These words indicate countable entities. The adjectives of quantity include; “few”, “several”, “much”, “more”, “sufficient”, “enough” and its compounds such as “enough” and “sufficient”.

The main purpose of adjectives of quantity is to make it clear what is being spoken about so that it may be better understood by the reader or listener.

Let’s see the list and some common examples!

Adjective of Quantity List

  1. A little bit
  2. A lot
  3. Abundant       
  4. All       
  5. Any     
  6. Couple            
  7. Double
  8. Each    
  9. Empty
  10. Enough           
  11. Enough of
  12. Few     
  13. Full     
  14. Half
  15. Hundred         
  16. Insufficient     
  17. Less
  18. Lesser
  19. Limited
  20. Limitless
  21. Little
  22. Little bit
  23. Lots of
  24. Low
  25. Lower
  26. Many
  27. Mass
  28. Massive
  29. Maximum
  30. Measurable
  31. Minimal
  32. Minimum
  33. Minor
  34. Minus
  35. Minute
  36. Mixed
  37. More
  38. Most
  39. Much  
  40. Negative
  41. Negligible
  42. New
  43. No
  44. Notable
  45. Numerical
  46. Numerous
  47. Only
  48. Plenty of
  49. Positive
  50. Proportional
  51. Proportionate
  52. Radical
  53. Random
  54. Rational
  55. Real
  56. Scalar
  57. Several
  58. Significant
  59. Single
  60. Smallest
  61. Some
  62. Sparse
  63. Substantial
  64. Sufficient
  65. Tiny
  66. Too
  67. Total
  68. Whole

Adjective of Quantity Examples (30 Sentences)

  1. I will give you some money.
  2. Many men in the United States are now open-minded toward wearing clothes that were previously designated as feminine.
  3. Each person is different and may need to eat larger appetites
  4. The table was crowded with a lot of empty glasses.
  5. A little bit of the salad was left but not enough for another serving.
  6. The tall man wore a couple of coats because it was extremely cold outside.
  7. The two men were empty handed so they weren’t able to bring any material.
  8. She made each item by hand in her workshop.
  9. There is only an empty room here, nothing else.
  10. A good mix of superfoods will give you all the fiber and vitamins you need.
  11. Numerous studies have shown that a balanced breakfast is the key to a good memory and high ability to concentrate.
  12. Include some details which prove that your writing is worth to read.
  13. A lot of people struggle with this.
  14. Resist the urge to stuff sentences with too much information.
  15. A mass of metal was thrown from the plane.
  16. Turn off power at the main switch or circuit breaker, and unplug all cords.
  17. Dispose of any household cleaners that have not been thoroughly rinsed away and any food that is left in the room.
  18. Never leave out any details, no matter how small or insignificant they seem.
  19. I have few items on my list.
  20. I can’t believe you asked me to do so many things with so few resources.
  21. I love the way my boss talks. He’s so clear and precise. He must have a few English words in his vocabulary.
  22. Not let people pay us a lot of money to do their legal work.
  23. A proportionate reward for the amount of work he did.
  24. Tiny models of all the planets in our solar system.
  25. He bought a whole sheet of glass.
  26. Tom made tiny changes in his dressing.
  27. This is a highly effective way to identify new talent if you already have written a professional article.
  28. It is important to know many perks of getting a college degree such as an increase in salary and chances of promotion.
  29. The file is encrypted with a code so strong that it would take many years to break it.
  30. People trying to make a little extra money online by carrying out micro tasks or being paid for ideas, surveys, or watching video clips are already well acquainted with the concept of rewards and incentives.
Adjective of QuantityPin
Adjective of Quantity

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