Conjunction Sentences (50 Examples)

50 Conjunction Sentences

We have narrated conjunction sentences. You will find here examples of all types of conjunctions.

Let’s start!

1 – Coordinating Conjunction:-

1.1 – Cumulative Conjunction Sentences

  1. You are both clever and beautiful.
  2. I as well as you passed the examination.
  3. Robbers not only looted the village but also set homes on fire.
  4. Sara and Julia are sisters. Both are intelligent.
  5. He not only passed the exam but also got a distinction.
  6. There were young as well as adult students.
  7. Cats and dogs are pets.
  8. Coffee was both delicious and creamy.
  9. Bob and Tom were watching the movie.
  10. We both know why you are upset.

1.2 – Adversative Conjunction Sentences

  1. He is poor, still, he is very honest.
  2. You not good at English, yet you passed the English exam very well.
  3. He is rich still he unhappy.
  4. She was inexperienced, nevertheless, she decided to play the game.
  5. There was a thunderstorm, yet we reached home safely.
  6. Alice is ready for the tests, yet she has not completed her course.
  7. I am late but she’s still waiting for me.
  8. You can achieve the goals، however, you have to face challenges.
  9. There are many sorrows in a person’s life, yet, he gradually forgets his sorrows.
  10. Starting a business is not easy, nevertheless, you can succeed.

1.3 – Alternative Conjunction Sentences

  1. You either want to buy something or go home.
  2. I’ll neither buy anything nor go home.
  3. She went somewhere else to eat.
  4. Either Julia or Rita will cook the dinner.
  5. I can have either soup or broth.
  6. Either she is brave or silly.
  7. Will you go to Paris or somewhere else during summer vacations?
  8. Neither I nor my friend attended the party.
  9. Neither Bob nor John came to my party.
  10. He ate too much. Either he is greedy or hungry.

1.4 – Illative Conjunction Sentences

  1. You worked hard so you will win.
  2. You got failed for you did not work hard.
  3. He didn’t come to class for he is ill.
  4. She didn’t come on time so I had to wait for her.
  5. You are a cheerful person, therefore, any one can enjoy your company.
  6. Construction of the building has been delayed, so costs have risen.
  7. Salads are good for health therefore I take them regularly.
  8. The storm came and then the weather became cold.
  9. He said something and then left.
  10. He planted roses and then watered the plants.

2 – Subordinating Conjunction Sentences

  1. He will not come to the party unless you invite him.
  2. Although he worked hard, he couldn’t pass the test.
  3. We didn’t go out because it was raining.
  4. He got a job though he is not intelligent.
  5. Do your work as directed.
  6. This is the house where our families lived.
  7. I’ll not beg even if I die.
  8. I will not ask for help from anyone even if I fail.
  9. We went to his house because he had invited us.
  10. He is very short, as is his father.
Conjunction Sentences (50 Examples)
Conjunction Sentences (50 Examples)

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