Example Sentences with Yet Conjunction

Example Sentences with Yet Conjunction

This article lists 42 sentences with yet conjunction and 35 example sentences using “yet” for practicing the usage of the word ‘yet’. Sentences with Yet Conjunction Yet is a conjunction word that joins together two sentences. Sentences joined together by yet should have at least one sentence that contrasts with the other in one or … Read more

Sentences with Because Conjunction (50 Examples)

50 Example Sentences with Because Conjunction

Because conjunction is used before a noun or pronoun to indicate the reason for something. The conjunction is commonly used in formal writing, but it is common in day-to-day speech too. You will find here 50 sentences with “because conjunction”. Read also: Types of Conjunctions with Examples Sentences with Because Conjunction It is important to … Read more

Sentences with But Conjunction (75 Examples)

Example Sentences with But Conjunction

In English, conjunctions are a part of speech that connect words and group words/clauses together. For example: “My phone got wet but it still works.” The word but is coordinating conjunction and one of the most commonly used conjunctions in the English language. Here are 75 example sentences with but conjunction. Read also: Types of … Read more

Conjunction Sentences (50 Examples)

50 Sentences of Conjunction

50 Conjunction Sentences We have narrated conjunction sentences. You will find here examples of all types of conjunctions. Let’s start! 1 – Coordinating Conjunction:- 1.1 – Cumulative Conjunction Sentences You are both clever and beautiful. I as well as you passed the examination. Robbers not only looted the village but also set homes on fire. … Read more