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47 Example Sentences with BETWEEN

Sentences with Between

  1. Between Jim and I, there’s nothing.
  2. This one is mine; between you and me, it’s nothing special.
  3. The meeting will last for about half an hour, but the exact time is between you and your boss.
  4. Most of his working hours are spent at his office in between teaching sessions.
  5. Between Chicago and New York, it is a 10-hour drive.
  6. There were two people between them in line at the grocery store.
  7. There will be snow in my town every day between January and February.
  8. Fighting was going on three days before the actual invasion took place between the 12th and 13th of October.
  9. There are many things between Texas and Florida.
  10. Travelers must know all the dangers between them and their destination, including hostile tribes and criminal groups.
  11. I gave a presentation to a fifth-grader class on living organisms that occur between the oceans and the shoreline.
  12. America is located between two great mountain ranges — the Rockies in the west and the Appalachians in the east.
  13. The train is running between two towns.
  14. The hosts were seated between two guests of honor.
  15. There was a fifty-dollar fine for talking on the phone while driving between these two states.
  16. You can only travel at a speed of thirty kilometers per hour between these two towns.
  17. The marketing team will review the work between the US and Europe.
  18. The contract was finally signed between the two parties.
  19. The quality of education in our school is creditably due to the dynamic leadership of the headmaster between 2006 and 2007.
  20. The conflict is believed to arise between transnational terrorism and local nationalism.
  21. There’s a huge difference between knowing something and doing something.
  22. We want you to collaborate. The site is planned to open by the end of 2026, between the two companies mentioned.
  23. It takes about 15 minutes to mix a shopping cart’s worth of cement between the CEO and marketing director in this effort to improve sales performance.
  24. Most of the world’s languages distinguish between masculine and feminine nouns.
  25. They were standing between cars in the parking lot when a man suddenly appeared with a gun.
  26. She stood between the strange man and her baby.
  27. A good leader has to choose wisely between loyal employees and fair promotions.
  28. My boss is the person between us in the meeting today.
  29. Most islands are isolated, so they have unique species that have developed between them and their mainland.
  30. I stood between her and the door.
  31. The customers arrived between 10 pm and 11 pm.
  32. Spain lies between France and Portugal.
  33. You were sitting between my brother and me.
  34. You’re now between medium and large size.
  35. Choose an appropriate learning system between memorizing and rote learning.
  36. Emphasize the importance of teamwork between you and your colleagues.
  37. Reward employees that score highly between you and a manager.
  38. Work closely with your supplier between you and the client.
  39. Compare the prices between online shopping sites.
  40. The search for a cure for AIDS has been ongoing since 1984 between the government and academic researchers.
  41. Lady Gaga is surrounded by haters who disagree with their 12-year-old daughter wearing a meat bikini between her ears.
  42. Develop the skills to navigate between the available sales channels and selling opportunities
  43. One of your jobs is to shift parts of your brain back and forth between these two tasks.
  44. the software helps build trust between the customer and the seller.
  45. They live in a big house between the mountain and the sea.
  46. There was a box between the two people.
  47. Between you and me, this is going to cost you a lot of money.
Sentences with BETWEENPin
47 Example Sentences with BETWEEN

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