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19 New Year Resolution Ideas for Work & Employees 2023

Are you looking for new year resolution ideas for work? Then you are in the right place. According to Inc, only 8% of people are successful in achieving resolutions out of 60% people who make them.

We are very excited at the start of each year but as time passes our resolution ideas faint away.

For convenience, we have divided resolution ideas into four major categories, health, work, self-improvement, and leisure time

Here are 19 new year resolution ideas for work and employees

1 – Health

Health is the foremost and important factor amongst all your goals and resolutions. If you are healthy and fit, you can achieve any goal.

1.1 – Start Exercise

Towards a healthy life, exercise is the first step. Taking exercise regularly will keep you healthy. Food and exercise are equally important for the body. You should fix a schedule for a walk, running, or yoga. Aim for at least 30 minutes daily. You can read about exercise here.

1.2 – Eat Healthy

Eating healthy and fresh food is necessary to maintain your health. cntraveler says that Spain is the healthiest country in the world. People of Spain are more focused on the freshness of food, eat vegetables and olive oil.

1.3 – Enough Sleep

There is a risk of developing medical conditions if you do not take proper sleep. About eight hours of sleep is necessary for your healthy life.

1.4 – Take Lunch Breaks

Don’t skip your lunch breaks. According to Forbs 38% of employees do not feel encouraged to take lunch breaks. Studies show that taking the lunch break recharges your energy and you can work with more focus after the break.

2 – Work

If we divide our larger goals into smaller chunks, it will be very easy to complete those smaller tasks; ultimately leading to the completion of larger goals.

2.1 – Prepare a to do list

A to-do list will organize your work. You will easily identify important tasks.

2.2 – Focus one thing at a time

If you are multitasking, then it is very difficult for you to work smoothly. You can enhance your productivity by focussing on one thing at a time.

You can also use productivity apps. Techradar has listed the free and paid versions of productivity tools. You can find it here.

2.3 – Stick to a Schedule

A scheduled task is much easier to perform than an unscheduled task. For the scheduled task, you are mentally prepared and know when to do it and how much time it will consume. While an unscheduled task can consume a lot of time and you may not be able to do it properly.

You can use monthly, weekly or daily planners to schedule your tasks.

2.4 – Build Relationship with your Coworkers

A good relationship with coworkers is a part of the work environment. It can lessen your worries at the workplace.

2.5 – Improve Communication Skills

It is one of the most important skills you will need. Not only at the workplace but also in all walks of life, you will feel its importance. A person having good communication skills is always preferred over others and can build good relationships with others.

There are different types of communication skills. You can learn here about communication skills such as speaking skills, listening skills, reading skills, and writing skills.

3 – Self Improvement

Self-improvement includes improvement in your technical skills, knowledge, communication skills by making efforts and it can make your life better.

3.1 – Learn New Skills to Enhance Work Knowledge

Every field of life is changing rapidly. If you do not learn advance skills in your field, you will have to face difficulties after some time. For example, if you are in a finance field, you should learn new technologies in that particular field and study the latest books or research recently made in the field.

3.2 – Stop living in the comfort zone

If you are doing routine work and are not ready to improve the situation, you are living in your comfort zone. This way you cannot achieve your goals and your growth will stop. Always accept the challenges from the core of your heart and go beyond the comfort zone to perform the work.

3.3 – Do the things that motivate you

List the things by doing which you are motivated. You should do at least one thing, that motivates you, more often. It can be book reading, helping others, exploring new things in life, traveling, or anything you like.

3.4 – Read Books pertaining to your career

Reading books is a great way of improving your knowledge. It is not restricted to your field. You can read books about entertainment, positivity, self-improvement, your specific fields.

Book reading has many benefits. Besides improvement in knowledge, this habit will make you mentally strong and healthy. You can read the benefits of the book reading here.

3.5 – Is your passion is your work?

If that is the case, you are the luckiest person in the world. It is the major cause of failure that your work is contrary to your passion. Always try to choose the field that you love you.

3.6 – Credit your work when you deserve it

Whenever you achieve a smaller goal, celebrate it, either by enjoying dinner with friends or by showing happiness in your own way.

This celebration is not your birthday but it will remind you that you have done a great job!

3.7 – Listen More – Talk Less

By listening more, you will gain more knowledge and by talking less you will not say anything you will regret later.

You can read here some smart reasons on this topic.

3.8 – Bring Positivity in Life

Avoid negative things and negative persons in your life. Most of your problems will start solving if you start thinking positively. Positive thinking will also bring peace of mind to your life.

4 – Leisure Time

There is how you can spend your leisure time.

4.1 – Hobbies

Hobbies are the best way to spend your leisure time. These are the activities of your interest. It can be anything that makes you happy like playing games, traveling, hiking or reading, and much more to list.

4.2 – Spend Your Time with Family and Friends

When you are free spend time with your family or friends. The quality time spent with friends is the only therapy you cannot find anywhere.

5 – Bottom Line

The list of ideas is endless but we have discussed some important ideas. Health is the most important factor. Improvement of communication skills and knowledge makes you more confident.

Leisure time brings happiness to your life and makes your body and mind peaceful.

Besides the above-discussed ideas, these are two bonus ideas that are also important and must be considered.

5.1 – Save money

Saving money for the future. It will bring peace in your life. You can live in your own way.

5.2 – Visit your doctor

Visiting the doctor at least once a year should be in your schedule. However, here is a great article that can answer most of your questions.

How Often Should You See Your Doctor for a Checkup?

Over to you!

Do you think we have missed something, mention in the comments.

19 New Year Resolution Ideas for Work & EmployeesPin
19 New Year Resolution Ideas for Work & Employees

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