Personal Pronoun Worksheet and ExercisePin

Personal Pronoun Worksheet and Exercise

Personal Pronoun Worksheet

  1. They took their car with ____________. (him, her, them)
  2. You and ___________ will go to the market. (I, me, mine)
  3. She has completed the assignment __________. (her, herself, hers)
  4. Tom has taken his documents with __________. (him, his, he)
  5. Can you come to the meeting with __________? (we, they, us)
  6. __________ were waiting for your reply. (we, us, them)
  7. Tom gifted __________ a watch on her birthday. (she, her, hers)
  8. _____________ was Bob who took the children to the zoo. ( It, its, he)
  9. Do __________ know what happened to them? (your, you, yours)
  10. That’s Tom, __________ is my brother. (he, him, his)
Personal Pronoun Worksheet and ExercisePin
Personal Pronoun Worksheet


  1. them
  2. I
  3. herself
  4. him
  5. us
  6. we
  7. her
  8. It
  9. you
  10. he

Personal Pronoun Exercise

  1. Personal pronouns “he, she, it” denote ___________. (third person, second person)
  2. Which gender is the personal pronoun “them”? (male, female, male/female)
  3. She is in the room. (subjective, objective, possessive)
  4. The car is mine. (subjective, objective, possessive)
  5. He wrote the novel himself. (objective, reflexive, subjective)
  6. I do not agree with his opinion. (subjective, objective, possessive adjective)
  7. He is the one who completed the task. (objective, reflexive, subjective)
  8. I want to talk to you. (objective, reflexive, subjective)
  9. I was driving an hour ago. (first person, second person)
  10. Do you know how to swim? (first person, second person)


  1. third person
  2. male/female
  3. subjective
  4. possessive
  5. reflexive
  6. possessive adjective
  7. subjective
  8. objective
  9. first person.
  10. second person

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