Sentences of Pronoun

Sentences of Pronoun (50 Examples)

Sentences of Pronoun (50 Examples)

  1. I have been waiting for you since morning.
  2. The book on the table is mine.
  3. Julia needs some grocery items. That is why she is going to market.
  4. He is not only a genius but also a well-educated person.
  5. Jon and Alan know each other from childhood. They are friends forever.
  6. The mother asked her son: “What did your father say when he hit his finger with the hammer?”
  7. She likes coffee so do I.
  8. Why she hates me?
  9. He is a lazy boy and may reach late.
  10. We always sit in the library at 10 am daily.
  11. Tom was absent from class. He could not account for his absence.
  12. You can make up this deficiency.
  13. According to an American writer “A smoker smokes himself“.
  14. I want to materialize my ambitions in real life and not merely in my dreams.
  15. Alice is an interior designer. She has created several designs for living rooms.
  16. On my return from the office, I found a present lying outside the house.
  17. You know that a healthy mind needs a healthy body.
  18. The students were ready to educate themselves.
  19. Tom and Jon are friends. They always study together.
  20. Adult education is given to adults or grown-up people. It generally means teaching adults ways of working efficiently in their professions.
  21. Examination means judging the ability of students. It also assesses their ability of learning and intelligence.
  22. I met Bob and Johnson yesterday. Their behavior was strange.
  23. Tom is suffering from arthritis. He is not able to walk.
  24. Julia makes delicious cakes. She is fond of making desserts.
  25. They used to go to a restaurant every weekend. They no more go there.
  26. Astin is a cute boy. He likes to play with toys.
  27. You and I are friends forever.
  28. Bob will complete his assignment in a week’s time.
  29. Why do you perform such activities that can harm your credibility?
  30. Sami is working as an accountant. He has a complete grip on his work.
  31. Tom is a genius person and is our team leader.
  32. He has such good stamina that he can walk 10 miles easily.
  33. Illiteracy is a curse. It has no advantage.
  34. We should learn English as a secondary language.
  35. All of us should abide by the law.
  36. Your behavior should be positive for everyone.
  37. On account of some financial issues, our employees are performing their duties very well.
  38. Relationships with all people in our lives cannot be good.
  39. I am feeling dizzy.
  40. A car is parked outside Julia’s house. It’s hers.
  41. We feel bored and tired when we have nothing to do.
  42. They were playing rugby yesterday.
  43. Monica loves to play tennis. She is a great player.
  44. You cannot succeed in life without education.
  45. Education plays an important role in the development of any country. Its importance cannot be denied.
  46. Sara and Julia are fast friends. They study and travel together.
  47. It was raining outside when I got up.
  48. In my point of view, you should study at least five hours daily.
  49. It is better to save a portion of your earning for the future.
  50. She has been suffering from psychological problems for several days.

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Sentences of Pronoun (50 Examples)
Sentences of Pronoun (50 Examples)

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