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Possessive Pronouns (Examples, List, Rules & Exercise)

What’s the difference between “my” and “we” in business?

Good question. “My” is the possessive form of “me”; it refers to yourself. The word “we” refers to your team.

The possessive pronouns shows belongings or possessions.

Let’s discuss more about them!

Possessive Pronouns Usage/Rules

1st Case:

We use apostrophe and an “s”

  • Sara’s brother was named Sammy.
  • Maria’s computer was clean.
  • Sophia’s sister went to school.

2nd Case:

All possessive cases of personal pronoun are also possessive pronoun “My, Mine, Our, Ours, You, Yours, His, Her, Their, Its.

For examples:  

  • This is my pen
  • Its price is Rs. 10$
  • That is a table
  • This computer is our

Use of Apostrophe in Possessive Case

When the noun is singular, it is formed possessive by adding ‘s’ to the noun

For example:    

  • My mother’s hobby is surfing
  • The yellow one is my dad’s car

When the noun is plural, and ends in s, the possessive case is formed by adding only an apostrophe

For example:    

  • The cat’s food is in the kitchen
  • Where is the kid’s room?

When the thing is motionless, “of” is used instead of “s”

For example:     The leg of table,  The hands of a watch

Use of apostrophe () with the living things when “s” is already present with these words. For example: Boy’s High School, Girl’s shoes.

Possessive Pronouns Examples

  1. I accepted their invitation.
  2. Tom was on the way when his car stopped.
  3. His handwriting is as good as mine.
  4. Her parrot is cute but not as active as ours.
  5. His paintings are mysterious and strange.
  6. I have done my duty. It is your turn now.
  7. We attended his party last night.
  8. Her eyes are grey in color.
  9. Is it Julia’s parrot? No, it is mine.
  10. Her shirt is white. Mine is blue.
  11. The friends went to the restaurant to eat their favorite pizza.
  12. A hippopotamus is herbivorous mammal. Its bite can kill any animal.
  13. The diamond ring is hers.
  14. Tom is as tall as his brother.
  15. Jim tore his documents in anger.
Possessive Pronouns ExamplesPin
Possessive Pronouns Examples


  • Mine (singular)
  • One’s (singular)
  • Its (singular)
  • His (singular)
  • Hers (singular)
  • Yours (singular /plural)
  • Ours (plural)
  • Theirs (plural)

Exercise of Possessive Pronouns

  1. Which of the following is a possessive pronoun?
    • Week
    • Sunday
    • His
  2. Which is a plural possessive pronoun
    • Mine
    • ours
    • It
  3. Which possessive pronoun is for male/female?
    • Their
    • She
    • It
  4. Which one is correct
    • It’s mine
    • It mine
    • its mine
  5. Choose the correct answers
    • This chair is her.
    • This chair is hers.
    • This chair is of hers.
  6. The possessive pronouns are used to show belongings/ownership.
    • True
    • False


  1. His
  2. Ours
  3. Their
  4. It’s mine.
  5. The chair is hers.
  6. True

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