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75 Example Sentences with Too in them

Too is an adverb which means “also”, “over”. This blog post contains 75 example sentences with too.

Sentences with Too

  1. There are too many teenagers spending time with video games.
  2. The car was too slow to take the corner.
  3. The ball was too small to play with.
  4. I was too hot – I had to take off my coat.
  5. The cake was too sweet – I couldn’t finish it.
  6. The sandwich was too salty.
  7. I went too fast and overshot the turn.
  8. It was a cake, but it was too dry to eat.
  9. I, too, like flying.
  10. I didn’t know that, too.
  11. The car was too expensive to buy.
  12. Her eyes were too big for her face.
  13. The movie was too long.
  14. I’m too excited to sleep.
  15. You are too young to vote here.
  16. It’s too dangerous for me to come alone.
  17. I look too good in this dress.
  18. He speaks too good English for my liking.
  19. There were too many security cameras in the building.
  20. I ate too much for dinner.
  21. The baby has grown too much since her last visit to the doctor’s.
  22. I have worked at my company for too long.
  23. This hot air balloon is too big to fly.
  24. That river is too wide to swim across.
  25. Karen is too young to drive.
  26. Their dog is too old to play Frisbee anymore.
  27. She is too busy to see you today.
  28. I am too tired to make dinner tonight.
  29. It was too cold to go outside today.
  30. She has too many problems with her work.
  31. We are too short on time to do that now.
  32. The water was too hot.
  33. I am too shy to ask her out.
  34. He is too smart to do something like that.
  35. The soup was too salty.
  36. I am too exhausted to go to work.
  37. I was too ill to do anything today.
  38. The picture is too dark to see clearly.
  39. It was too windy to go outside.
  40. He was too impatient to listen to others.
  41. This room is too small for all of us.
  42. It’s too early for me to go to bed.
  43. She talks too much for my liking.
  44. I feel too excited to eat.
  45. He writes too quickly.
  46. My wife has been eating too much lately.
  47. You have been eating too much pizza recently.
  48. She was too tired to eat dinner.
  49. It was so hot, I was too tired to study for my test.
  50. I had too many assignments to get them all done by Friday.
  51. He is too ill to work.
  52. She has been working too hard to pass the test.
  53. There was too much traffic to get there on time.
  54. She was too tired to go to the party.
  55. The cake was too hot, so I waited before I ate it.
  56. They were talking too loudly, so I asked them to keep it down.
  57. The room was too quiet, so I turned on the TV.
  58. The line at the shop was too long, so I decided to go somewhere else.
  59. She is too nice for me.
  60. This job is too hard for me.
  61. It was dark and cold, and I was too scared to go out.
  62. I am too old for the job.
  63. We had eaten too much food, so we could not eat dinner.
  64. It was too hot for us to go outside.
  65. It was too cold to play outside, so we all stayed inside.
  66. I didn’t want to try the food – it looked too good.
  67. I’ve been there many times, and it’s too far for me to go there today.
  68. It was too early, and so we decided to change the plan and go out for lunch.
  69. I suppose it’s true; I’m too busy to watch her.
  70. The room was a mess. It was too messy to invite anyone to the party.
  71. Mireya is too strict with her kids when it comes to grades.
  72. I cannot go with you to the mall today because I have too much work at home to attend to.
  73. I don’t want to use too many colors.
  74. It would work too if you wore blue jeans.
  75. I don’t know if it would look too short on you, though, as your legs are quite long and slender.

Sentences with TooPin
Sentences with Too

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