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Sentences with Whose (70 Examples)

‘Whose’ is a relative pronoun used to express possession. You will find here 70 example sentences with whose.

You can use whose when you wish to say that something or someone belongs to or is related to a particular person

Sentences with Whose

  1. Whose turn is it to do the dishes?
  2. Whose idea was it to take an extra day off?
  3. Whose desk is complete already?
  4. My mother, whose hobby is investing, regularly tries to get me involved in her newest market idea.
  5. You’d better apologize for whose money you borrowed for your vacation.
  6. It’s the man whose house it is.
  7. There was an older woman whose husband was a tailor.
  8. It’s a good thing to be in your debt, but not your debt whose icy foam turns men into moral monsters.
  9. The actor, whose career was over, is coming back.
  10. The man whose son is my boss got the promotion.
  11. The girl whose sister I met at the party had small eyes.
  12. The lady, whose name I forgot, came with her husband.
  13. Sally drove the car whose number had just passed me.
  14. This building is full of people whose names I don’t know.
  15. It is the bank whose codes were used was in Baltimore.
  16. This problem, whose solution requires skill and patience, is virtually impossible to solve.
  17. Hiroshima is the city whose name has become the symbol of humanity.
  18. An audience whose members tend to be quite critical determines whether a performance is good or bad.
  19. Whose shoes are the most comfortable?
  20. Do the children know whose birthday it is?
  21. The teacher knew whose work was best.
  22. The committee met to decide whose idea would be chosen.
  23. He did not wish to adopt the child whose mother had died in childbirth.
  24. I am told that there is a man whose face has been burned beyond recognition in your town.
  25. I didn’t realize whose house it was.
  26. I think that it’s the minister whose nephew killed someone.
  27. The bank whose money was stolen has claimed the insurance.
  28. The photo of the girl whose mother is a famous pop star is on the cover of this issue.
  29. Whose book is on your desk?
  30. Whose dirty dishes are these in the sink?
  31. The man whose coat you borrowed is my uncle.
  32. Whose car is parked outside?
  33. Whose clothes are these?
  34. Whose computer was hacked into?
  35. Whose team won the game?
  36. Whose idea was it to book the tickets six months in advance?
  37. It was a man whose ambition far exceeded his talent.
  38. She had a novel whose characters never really came to life.
  39. It was an actor whose performance was greatly appreciated by the audience.
  40. People whose houses were destroyed by the hurricane have been given free housing for six months.
  41. The company whose shares collapsed last month has had its financial figures taken into account by the purchasing committee at my firm, which led to a small amount of relief on my end.
  42. Many corporations whose stocks spiked earlier today announced late-night press conferences with their CEOs that should reveal why the sudden growth in their stock price.
  43. Into whose hands did they fall?
  44. To whose apartment did he come?
  45. Through whose eyes do I see the world?
  46. On whose authority do you act?
  47. Under whose direction will the work be done?
  48. In whose honor are we gathered tonight?
  49. Never squeeze the orange with whose skin has been peeled off due to health reasons.
  50. A word whose meaning changes depending on its use is called a relative pronoun.
  51. All of the people whose houses were burnt down were given new houses.
  52. Fries are the food whose consumption is most unhealthy in the USA.
  53. The portrait whose colors have faded was painted a long time ago.
  54. I’m looking for a book whose title begins with `H.’
  55. The teacher, whose car broke down, was caught by the bus.
  56. We stayed in a flat whose garden was full of noisy birds.
  57. The man whose house we burgled had been away for months.
  58. The woman whose husband I met at the dance looked very pretty.
  59. The coat with whose collar was covered in snow was mine.
  60. For whose tuition he was borrowing the money, the child had failed the exam again.
  61. For whose care she was making all the arrangements, the family had stopped contacting her.
  62. The lady whose husband works in a bank will leave tomorrow.
  63. The man whose daughter wants to be an actress will come tomorrow.
  64. The man whose son didn’t go to school will go to the party tonight.
  65. The woman whose sister is a nurse will call you tomorrow.
  66. The teacher whose car has just been towed off the school parking lot will be unhappy.
  67. The child whose house was broken into over the weekend will be scared for a long time.
  68. A child whose parents are divorced has to face the consequences.
  69. A person whose credit card is stolen is upset.
  70. A family whose home is threatened by fire is feeling distressed.

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Sentences with whose

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