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Funny in a Sentence (33 Examples)

Funny in a Sentence

  1. You have got such a funny smile.
  2. There was nothing funny about his story.
  3. I have a funny feeling we’re going to lose this game by three goals to one
  4. She’s funny, like a clown.
  5. She broke into a funny dance
  6. That funny cat is mine
  7. My parents think Tom is funny.
  8. It was so funny watching her dance like that.
  9. After all these years, I can still remember how funny you looked.
  10. I may be funny, but you’re super-funny!
  11. All of our customers love this dog because it is so funny.
  12. Grandma’s hearing aid keeps making funny noises.
  13. The story was so funny that we were rolling on the floor!
  14. These are the funny memes that I’ve seen.
  15. You are a funny person.
  16. The movie is funny, but it is far from being a classic.
  17. Well done! You’ve made this pun funny with your “chugging” comment.
  18. Some people think soccer fans are funny, but I find their silly costumes amusing.
  19. Jane told a funny joke at the dinner party.
  20. Make sure to remove any funny labels before giving it as a gift.
  21. The police found the suspect to be a funny character.
  22. She’s known for her funny antics on stage.
  23. It was such a funny story; I couldn’t stop laughing.
  24. We enjoyed the concert, but it wasn’t funny.
  25. We won the match in a funny way, with a last-minute goal.
  26. Terry, it is illegal to throw rocks at cars. It’s not a funny thing to do.
  27. I couldn’t believe that funny was acting so friendly!
  28. He sent me a link to this site when I asked him for funny jokes.
  29. I like funny people because they always make me laugh during difficult times.
  30. You’re so funny – you almost made me laugh!
  31. It seems funny to think that once, people liked having wars like that!
  32. He’s funny; sometimes, he makes me laugh so hard that I fall off my chair.
  33. I am just not the kind of person who is funny.
Funny in a SentencePin
Funny in a Sentence

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