Example Sentences with WILL and WON'TPin

Sentences with WILL and WON’T

Will expresses intention and is usually followed by an infinitive (“I will see him”). Won’t expresses unwillingness or denial (“I won’t see him”) and is usually used with not or another negative word (e.g., “She won’t be late”). See more example sentence below.

Sentences with WILL and WON’T

Positive sentences with WILL

  1. I will be there by nine o clock.
  2. I will have finished my work by then.
  3. We will learn more about this later.
  4. I will do it on my terms.
  5. We will arrive on time.
  6. I will hire the agency next month.
  7. We will reach new heights this year.
  8. The interview will take place tomorrow.
  9. It will be sunny in the afternoon.
  10. I will see who is familiar to me among all candidates applying for the post of marketing director and speak to him about this job vacancy.

Negative sentences with WILL

  1. He will not solve the problem.
  2. He will not finish grading by noon.
  3. They will not accept the offer.
  4. The products will not be ready by July.
  5. I will not send you a contract today.
  6. They will not make any changes that are requested.
  7. She will not process your visa application.
  8. Without revenue, the funds will not be available.
  9. They will not contact us until next week.
  10. Your computer will not have access to the documents at all times.

Interrogative sentences with WILL

  1. Will I need more than one pillow?
  2. Will we be able to take advantage of the gains?
  3. Will Chris test the product until it is ready for distribution?
  4. Will you be able to finish the project by Jan 7th?
  5. Will we need to make sure that we reach our goals?
  6. Will you send the information to us when it is complete?
  7. Will I get a better deal on airfare if I book now?
  8. Will you read through these documents and send out an update by Wednesday?
  9. Will they be adding more links to this page?
  10. Will you let me borrow some money?

Sentences with WON’T

Won’t is a negative contraction of will + not. Won’t can be used in all conditional sentences, albeit with different meanings. Will not is never needed in any sentence.

  1. I won’t be able to go out tonight.
  2. Jane won’t be coming with us after all.
  3. They won’t be going to the cinema tonight.
  4. I won’t rush your order or settle for less than stellar quality.
  5. We won’t sell the building.
  6. We won’t place the order on time.
  7. They won’t send me the money in time.
  8. You won’t receive a reply.
  9. She won’t be here until next year.
  10. He won’t sell you his car, that’s for sure.
  11. She won’t have time to talk now.

Interrogative sentences with WON’T

  1. Won’t I run out of toilet paper?
  2. Won’t I need a bigger suitcase?
  3. Won’t it look better if it’s framed in black?
  4. Won’t you come with me?
  5. Won’t you wait for me?
  6. Won’t you answer my question?
  7. Won’t anyone help me with the dinner?
  8. You will complete it in time, won’t you?
  9. Won’t you join our community?
  10. What won’t you be doing if you lose your job?
  11. When won’t you be able to pay me back?

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Sentences with WILL and WON'TPin
Sentences with WILL and WON’T

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