Simple Future Tense Examples, Formula and Exercises


Simple future tense is used to express the action that is going to happen in the future.

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Signal Words

  • Tomorrow
  • Next week, year, month
  • Think, hope, believe
  • Probably


There are a number of ways to make simple future tense.

Let’s see it!

In the first case, will/shall is used with the first form of verb.


Subject + will/shall + Base form(V1)


She will leave for Paris.

Generally, the use of shall, will, or “going to” does not make any difference in the meaning of the sentences. Sometimes, however, it does. “Going to” is normally used when the speaker intends the action or feels that the action is certain to happen.


Subject + is/am/are + going to + Base form(V1)


She is going to leave for Paris.

In another case, the present continuous tense is used to announce the future event which is already fixed or arranged. It is especially common with the verbs of movement.


Subject + is/am/are + present participle + future time reference


She is leaving for Paris next week.

Affirmative Sentences

Formula for affirmative sentences.

Subject + will/shall + base form (V1)


  • He will plant the flowers.
  • The chef will cook the meal.

Negative Sentences

Subject + will/shall + not + base form(V1)


  • He will not plant the flowers.
  • The chef will not cook the meal.

Interrogative Sentences

Will/shall + subject + base form(V1) + ?


  • Will he plant the flowers?
  • Will the chef cook the meal?

Rules / Usage

Used to express future predictionsHe will probably attend meeting in next week.
To make immediate decisionsI will drink coffee now.
To express promise, request or warnings.There will be thunderstorm tomorrow.
To express hope or offerThe rain will stop tonight.
To show certain or definite actions that will happenHe will be 20 years old by next month.

Simple Future Tense Examples (20 Sentences)

  1. I am going to study French.
  2. This watch will not cost much.
  3. The doctor will examine the patient tomorrow.
  4. The gardener is going to plant the saplings.
  5. I will not drink coffee.
  6. They are going to arrange a dinner next week.
  7. The manager is going to hold a seminar tomorrow.
  8. Will the company launch a skincare product?
  9. Will the mechanic repair my bike?
  10. She will not take admission in this college.
  11. He will wait for us in the park.
  12. We shall eat all the mangoes.
  13. We are going for a picnic tomorrow.
  14. She will leave for New York tonight.
  15. It will be winter soon.
  16. There will be flying cars by 2040.
  17. He will celebrate his birthday next Monday.
  18. Tom will complete his degree by the end of this year.
  19. I am going to buy a new laptop next month.
  20. She will love me forever.


  1. He __________ a lot of money. (earn)
  2. He __________ your. (adore)
  3. _____ you _____ the door for me? (open)
  4. I __________ you back later. (call)
  5. He __________ her a present. (buy)
  6. My bike is out of order. I __________ it tomorrow. (fix)
  7. You are suffering from fever. You __________ better soon. (get)
  8. I __________ your parents about your behavior. (tell)
  9. What ______ we _____ next? (do)
  10. It __________ 1st of July tomorrow. (be)


  1. will earn
  2. will adore
  3. Will you open the door for me?
  4. will call
  5. will buy
  6. will fix
  7. will get
  8. will tell
  9. What shall we do next?
  10. will be

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simple future tense examples
simple future tense examples

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