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63 Sentences with Reflexive Pronoun

Reflexive pronouns can be used in place of a direct object, but they are also used to emphasize that something is happening to or for someone or something else. For example: She hurt herself when she fell off her bike. See more sentences with reflexive pronouns below.

Reflexive pronouns are used when the subject and object of a sentence refer to the same person or thing. For example, if someone says “I hurt myself,” the speaker is referring to him or herself as both the subject (I) and the object (myself). Reflexive pronouns are formed by adding “-self” or “-selves” to the end of the subject pronoun. Here are 63 example sentences with reflexive pronouns.

Sentences with Reflexive Pronoun

  1. I hurt myself in the accident yesterday.
  2. Tina gave herself some time to relax today.
  3. He bought himself a new car.
  4. She gave the money to herself. She’s very selfish.
  5. He doesn’t trust himself. He worries he will spend.
  6. My mother told herself to relax for a bit.
  7. Amy hurt herself during the mountain climbing trip.
  8. He wasn’t sure about himself that day.
  9. Jane taught herself how to dance.
  10. Jack enjoys taking care of himself.
  11. His son said that he himself would do it.
  12. I know you very well, but myself? Not so much.
  13. That movie is marvelous, and I like it myself, but my friend doesn’t share my opinion.
  14. I could feel myself blushing.
  15. Don’t scratch yourself.
  16. Are you looking at yourself in the mirror?
  17. He dried himself with the towel.
  18. Mary helped herself to a cookie.
  19. She opened the door for herself.
  20. The reporter interviewed himself for the article.
  21. The dog sniffed at itself in disgust.
  22. They allowed themselves extra time to complete the project.
  23. You cannot confuse yourself with them.
  24. Carl brought himself to the party.
  25. Please do not feed yourselves on my flowers!
  26. The soup should be stirred, so it doesn’t burn itself.
  27. It’s not uncommon for you to keep yourself hydrated while hiking in the summer.
  28. The tailor mended my coat himself.
  29. I made a cake myself, so I don’t need to go to a bakery.
  30. My son bathed himself when he was three years old.
  31. I will take care of myself.
  32. She stood herself up.
  33. I want to help myself.
  34. They are helping themselves by staying here.
  35. We helped ourselves by arriving early.
  36. We should not let ourselves be overwhelmed by the situation.
  37. She humiliated herself when she took a shower with the curtains open.
  38. He did it for himself.
  39. I dried myself with the towel.
  40. Nobody told her about herself, and nobody had given her any advice.
  41. You shouldn’t do it for yourself, but rather for others.
  42. He made himself clear.
  43. She had a spa treatment herself.
  44. I’m here with my family myself to spend some time on holiday.
  45. I am wealthy myself now; I don’t need your money.
  46. It is the project of a friend of mine; he worked hard on it himself.   
  47. You should try doing something for yourself from time to time.
  48. I applied the make-up myself.
  49. I decided to do it myself.
  50. You need to use the make-up yourself.
  51. We can’t buy it for you; you must do it yourself.
  52. He thinks that I can do it myself as well.
  53. She has decided to try and sort everything out herself.
  54. They will have to fold that pile of laundry themselves.
  55. Stop picking on yourself.
  56. Let’s not put ourselves under too much pressure.
  57. I told myself to calm down.
  58. We had a good laugh at ourselves.
  59. They gave themselves a big reward for their hard work.
  60. I convinced myself that I could do it.
  61. He just ignored himself in the corner all day long.
  62. She was a terrible influence on herself.
  63. Don’t tempt yourself with unhealthy food.
Sentences with Reflexive PronounsPin
Sentences with Reflexive Pronouns

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