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Sentences with Then and Than

Than is used for comparison while then is used for time as an adverb, noun or an adjective.

Sentences with Then and Than

These are 87 example sentences with then and than.

Sentences with Then

  1. I was sad because taxies were not available then.
  2. He then said that he sometimes goes to the restaurant with his family.
  3. The wind then blew hard against the house.
  4. I told him then that it wasn’t a good idea.
  5. She then goes on to say that it is a very nice day.
  6. He then put his clothes on.
  7. She said she would cook for them, and then she would meet them at the bus stop.
  8. You should then avoid using too much shampoo.
  9. We turn to online shopping and then we discover great offers.
  10. We don’t do what we say we will and then we regret it later.
  11. Students don’t pay attention in class and then they fail the exam.
  12. Let’s park further away and then we won’t be late.
  13. I didn’t come prepared and then I couldn’t deliver my report.
  14. If you want to succeed, you must believe and then you will succeed.
  15. Together we will then be able to lift all heavy objects.
  16. The woman would then draw a picture of me with a beard.
  17. We waited two hours and then left the bar.
  18. I was upset, then I went for a walk.
  19. My friend then asked me to take a picture.
  20. Alia grabbed the cereal box, then picked up her spoon.
  21. All around him were red bricks and green grass, then a blue sky.
  22. Anticipation grows as I scratch at the wrapping paper, then a box appears.
  23. We were all at the table then the phone rang.
  24. It started to snow then it was sunny.
  25. We drove to New York then we flew back to London.
  26. Then the manager will tell you if you are doing well or not.
  27. She then turned the knob to open the door.
  28. When I got home then I started learning that information that I needed.
  29. Then he will talk to his co-workers to see what they think about it.
  30. I had a problem with my computer once, then I found this blog post online which gave me the right clues.
  31. I have eaten to my fill, then I don’t have to worry about eating for a week.
  32. The dog was licking the little boy’s face, then a car hit them.
  33. Have you ever been to Turkey? No, I have never been there, then.
  34. If it rains tomorrow, then we will stay home and study for the exam.
  35. Then I waited anxiously all day for him to reply.
  36. He turned off the TV. Then he went to bed.
  37. Michelle borrowed some clothes for the wedding. Then she realized she didn’t have anything to wear.
  38. The dog was all covered in mud, so the kids took him in the shower. Then they washed him with soap and water.
  39. Allison was late for work, so she flew out of bed and rushed out of the house. Then her car broke down on the way to work.
  40. The dog ate the last cookie. Then I said “no”.
  41. I went to my neighbors house then he told me to go see a movie with him.

Sentences with Than

  1. Marketing is an important function within small businesses than any other.
  2. It’s more beautiful than I imagined.
  3. I have more than my fair share of coffee.
  4. There was nothing stronger than Jack’s coffee.
  5. The wind was colder than ice.
  6. Ben is smart for his age, and there is no one who is more aware of this than his parents.
  7. The game was more interesting than I had thought.
  8. He gets more sleep than I do.
  9. This is more important than you think.
  10. They are more experienced than we expected them to be.
  11. The roses are softer than you might think.
  12. That car is faster than I thought it would be.
  13. My score from last year’s exam was 15 points higher than that!
  14. Karen sings better than Amber.
  15. She is a better person than I am.
  16. Sherlock Holmes was better than anyone at solving mysteries.
  17. She was happier than I had ever seen her before.
  18. People who experience more stress than others can increase their risk of heart disease, depression, and anxiety.
  19. This winter will be colder than the last one.
  20. He studies harder than they do.
  21. She speaks better English than they do.
  22. The movie was better than the book.
  23. It was warmer yesterday than it is today.
  24. The summer weather was much better than we had hoped for.
  25. It is warmer in the south than in the north.
  26. Gomez is less famous than Bowie.
  27. This year the film festival was bigger than last year’s.
  28. You can read better than him.
  29. The crime rate here is higher than the national average.
  30.  It is better to experience a place, than simply see it in a photo.
  31. She has been practicing more than three hours a day for this competition.
  32. She dances better than I do, even though she has two left feet.
  33. The old man runs faster than me, and his daughter runs faster too.
  34. Students should study more than the teacher thinks they should.
  35. Mr. Davis works harder than his secretary.
  36. The price rose than ever seen before.
  37. He took less time than the others to complete the task.
  38. He played harder than he had intended to.
  39. She is less experienced than her colleagues.
  40. I have more periods of relax than any other activity.
  41. Author are paid only because are willing to work harder than everyone else.
  42. The iPad Pro is much heavier than other tablet devices.
  43. The deadline is far earlier than he had expected; he’ll need to act fast!
  44. Your hair looks nicer than mine.
  45. I feel worse than when I fell off my bike.
  46. She has more than 20 pairs of shoes.

Example Sentences with Then and ThanPin
Example Sentences with Then and Than

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