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Sentences with Because Conjunction (50 Examples)

Because conjunction is used before a noun or pronoun to indicate the reason for something. The conjunction is commonly used in formal writing, but it is common in day-to-day speech too. You will find here 50 sentences with “because conjunction”.

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Sentences with Because Conjunction

  1. It is important to brush your teeth because you do not want to have a bad breath.
  2. I’ll tell you why because I want you to know.
  3. I couldn’t do that project because I don’t have access to the software.
  4. I’ll explain them about the current situation because it is good for them to know.
  5. I love to paint because it is fascinating.
  6. I wasn’t able to complete that project because I don’t have access to the software.
  7. Will you help me with my English homework because it should be easy for you?
  8. Because your English is so good, will you help me with my English homework?
  9. They agreed to come because they thought there would be free food.
  10. I like to watch TV because it is popular.
  11. My wedding band goes with my engagement ring because they fit together.
  12. Butter makes toast soft because of the amount of fat in it.
  13. There were five winners because their super raffle number was the lucky number seven.
  14. Dresses are wide at the top because they are meant to be fitted at the waist.
  15. Fruits are high in sugar content because they are loaded with carbohydrates.
  16. I like to play computer games because my friends play them too.
  17. I like the color of the Vans because they are easy to match with my outfits.
  18. We can go to the movies because it is raining outside.
  19. I am choosing to go to the concert instead of the museum because I like music better than art.
  20. She ordered pizza for dinner because she does not like cooking.
  21. Let’s get pizza for dinner because I do not want to cook tonight.
  22. You must be wary of your talking when in public because so many people are using cell phones.
  23. Chips are used in so many different products because they are so minuscule.
  24. It is very important to run your car on bio-fuels instead of gasoline because there is so much pollution in the air.
  25. She could not do her job well because she was sick.
  26. You have to leave now because you have more things to do today.
  27. The boys could not play outdoors because of the weather.
  28. Everybody was late for class because the bus was late.
  29. Children don’t run because they are afraid of the dark.
  30. I didn’t get on my bike because it was raining outside.
  31. He looked up at the sky because it had started to snow.
  32. I guess you didn’t go out for dinner because you were feeling unwell.
  33. They won’t be offended if you say no because they know how busy you are.
  34. The girl wept because we were mean to her.
  35. The children ran away because they were afraid.
  36. I got up early because I had a day planned.
  37. I studied hard because I wanted to pass the exam.
  38. He took his umbrella with him because it was raining.
  39. They usually listen to music because they like it.
  40. She would not do the dishes; she said, “because I don’t really want to”.
  41. We are late because we got busy.
  42. I started early because I had a big project due at work.
  43. You are so beautiful, because you are kind.
  44. He is so serious, because he is working hard.
  45. My parents don’t go out anywhere because of their old age.
  46. He surprised me because he rode a horse to the stadium, but didn’t dismount before entering his luxury box.
  47. Their work wasn’t as good as yours because they weren’t as experienced as you all.
  48. The reason I got up so early is because my grandmother was visiting.
  49. He thought that it was a possibility to ask her out because she was very friendly with him.
  50. She regularly had to approach the CEO as well as give him his cutlery because of her job as a waitress.
  51. She is professional due to acting like a servant to the CEO because of her job.
Sentences with Because ConjunctionPin
Sentences with Because Conjunction

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